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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Punkin' Paintin'

This weekend Ryan, Hannah, and I got our creative box out and did some Punkin' Paintin'.

We absolutely love doing crafts with Hannah.  Honest parent moment: WE GET TIRED OF BARBIES AND BABY DOLLS.  ;)   Therefore, crafts gives us a nice little break and pretty stuff to put around our house!

We bought 6 little pumpkins at Wal-Mart and I was hoping to do one for each family member: Dad, Me, Han, Zoey, Axle and Spike... but of course plans change. Which was fine... I looove all our pumpkins very much!  We had every color glitter and paint that you could think of and made a gooorgeous mess. HeHe.

This is the one I made.  It says "I <3 Ryan" and has purple polka dots on the back.  Cheesey, I know, but sweet!!! ;)

This is the other 5 we made. Hannah's two are on the top row.  Her pumpkins were adddorable.  She had Z's on them for Zoey and H's and C's and smiley faces.

Ryan made the two on the middle row... and he said he wasn't creative!!

and the last one is Zoey's!

I just love Fall becomes of fun stuff like this ! 

We had them sitting inside for awhile and then placed them on the porch this morning for everyone to see.  Just hoping the neighborhood kids don't steal them. : / 

Better go bring them in..... Night!

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