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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Lovely...Just Lovely.

The title is from Blanche of Golden Girls. :)

We had a lovely...just lovely weekend. I actually took a few pics and thought I would share!

My mom invited Ryan and us out for dinner on Friday night.  My stepdad was out of town and she wanted to get out of the house so we ventured to a local mexican food restaurant.  It was faaaabulous! (No, that is not on my Low Fat Diet for my Gallbladder issues (you can read about here)....but DANG a prego girl can cheat right?!)

This is Ryan, me and Zoey Jett before we left the house:

I am 26 weeks and 1 day pregnant in this photo.  I feel like in pictures I look so big but I'm really not.. or I don't think I am! ;)  

When mom came to pick us up she brought these adorable shoes that her and my stepdad got for Zoey! (They are bikers if you couldn't tell!):

They are super sparkly and glittery and say Harley Princess on the toe! So cute!

Saturday, we went to Marshall, TX for their annual Fire Ant Festival.  It was sorta hot but we had lots of fun! I got my funnel cake I've been dying to have. ( doctor does NOT need to know these little facts.)  :)

Here is my mom and I at the festival:

She bought me this adooorable burp cloth:

As you can family (and/or MOM) is having SERIOUS issues with buying Zoey anything and everything.  Which is fabulous! She is going to be sooo adorable and sooo spoiled which doesn't bother me one bit! ;)

I did realize today that I am one and a half weeks away from my 3rd trimester.  It made my stomach stink... I am soo nervous about the delivery!  (Another post coming soon.)

Anyways, since my wonderful low fat diet has begun (w/ a few cheats) Ryan and I have made a few adjustments around the house.  Nice healthy cereals fruit loops, no cinnamon toast crunch, no rice krispies...KILL ME NOW.  We have also changed from hamburger meat to turkey meat -- but VERY little turkey meat...mainly just grilled chicken.  NO cookies in the household whatsoever.  So yes, my nightly oreo fix is GONE.  I can say since Monday (my doctor's appointment) I have lost 1.5 pounds.  I'm not sure if that is good for a prego women but at the rate I was going...I'm sure it isn't hurting anything! ;) (Once again, there is a post on this coming soon.)

We just got home from Target...we registered for Zoey's upcoming baby showers.  Registering is TOO fun! We had like 110 items on there. Haha.  Of course, we do not expect them all but like to give our family and friends a wide range of possibilities!

Tonight we are doing laundry and watching FOOOOTBALL and that will be a wrap for our weekend! Hope you guys had a fabulous weekend too!

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