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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Justin, Miranda and Pistol Concert !

This past Thursday night, Ryan, Zoey and I went to a concert with my sis and her man.  I say Zoey went because I'm PRETTY positive she was awake the entire time!  It was veeery loud and she did lots of kicking.

I felt/feel really bad for Zoey.. My sis did some research before the concert and most people said it was fine just to not go to a BUNCH of concerts while she is in my belly.  I think she is ok now.. but I must admit on the hour ride home from Shreveport I wouldn't let Ryan play the radio because I wanted it to be super silent for her to relax and get some sleep. ;)  (Already a worry wart of a mother.)

Here we are:

ANYWAYS!! We went to Shreveport to see Randy Rogers Band, Justin Moore, and Miranda Lambert and the Pistol Annie's  - who were added to the line up at the last minute....YAY FOR US!  Pistol Annie's is Miranda Lambert's new band who Ryan and I absolutly LOVE!

My sister won tickets on the 4th row off the radio and her boyfriend won tickets on the 3rd row off the radio.  Can you say lucky?!?!?!  So Ryan and I got to sit on the 4th row right behind them. SO AWESOME!  (Thank you guys for the tickets!!)

Of course, I took about 80 pictures.  Here is Justin Moore for your veiwing pleasure -- Yuuuuummy. (I was truly enjoying his tight, tight pants... Ryan was making fun of me.)

And then there is the fabulous Miranda Lambert -- this was my second time to see her:

We were so happy the Pistol Annie's came out for a few songs!:

We had such a great time! My thighs became VERY SORE during and after.. I guess from all the walking and standing.  We did leave about 10 minutes early because I was getting hot and very tired.. but I am super glad we went. ;)

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