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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

iPhone and Such!

ATTENTION!!! I finally got a smart phone! Yaaaaay.

I have always used go phones or random phones people give me but NOT ANYMORE! I got the iPhone 4.

Which means, I finally have a cell phone with a camera... which is no good.  :)  I haven taken picture after picture of just random stuff.  I post everything and anything on Twitter, Facebook and now INSTAGRAM -- my other new obsession.  It's sad really.

This is my favborite pic so far -- my sweet Spike.

I can't even begin to imagine how many pics I will take when Zoey gets here. :)

**How do I send pics from my phone to my blogger?? I just emailed that pic to myself and saved it on my computer.  Is that the easiest way??

Anyways! Besides my new iPhone and Instagram (cannot.get.enough) -- I have discovered this:

 MiO -- Berry Pomegranate drink mix.  It makes your water taste yummmm-o.  I'm trying to drink more water so this is really helping me!  This is the only favor I have tried but I'm sure the others are just as good.

This weekend I got:

Golden Girls Season 5 on DVD!!! Yaaaay.  I can literally quote Season 1-4 so it was about time.  No lie.. I have watched all the episodes ATLEAST 20 times each.  I watch them at night before bed and in the morning when getting ready for work.... Ryan likes them too! ;)  (Shhhh.)

I have been downloading lots of Apps to my phone too. Games and junk..ya know.  Is there any you suggest?!?

Oh -- Here is Spike and I -- I just love that little boy but can't get a good pic of us together!

I am totally loving this weather.  Super chilly outside and looking just like Winter.  Perfect!

Well, I'm headed to cuddle in bed with my sweet men and watch my Girls.  Busy week ahead!

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