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Monday, September 5, 2011

What Be Up.

It's been busy and crazy and fun around here!  I'm finally blogging about something that isn't baby. Surprised?! Me too! :)

We actually have a life outside of the baby, believe it or not. (For the next 4 months or so! HaHa) Although...tomorrow WE FIND OUT THE SEX!!! I will post tomorrow night, don't worry. 

Here are some pictures from our weekend.  We've had a really good time and reeeally don't want to go back to work tomorrow!

Kaite, my lil' sis, and Hannah.

Kaite opening her birthday gifts.  She turned 14! Happy Birthday Sister! :)

Hannah, Ryan and Kaite taking a nap/playing around.

Hannah got some new teeth from C C's Pizza.  They are called Perwty Gums. HaHa.

This is how Hannah plays on the computer....crazy lady!

And the sweet pups of course, Axel and Spike.

Spike and the Baby!

On Labor Day, Hannah, Ryan, and I had a picnic in our front yard.

Hannah and Ryan got it all together.  So sweet.  We had weiners, cheese, crackers, powder donuts, twinkies, milk and juice. 

So fun!

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! Have a blessed week!

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