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Thursday, September 15, 2011


So, I've been the worst blogger ever lately.  I don't even know why it's not like I'm THAT busy...not yet atleast!

I'm just super lazy I suppose.

This is post is not about ketchup per's about catching up.  ;) I'm so behind.

So I've decided to no longer do the Prego Mumbo Jumbo post each week.  As you may can tell they are not done half the time anyway.  It just makes me feel like I HAVE to post on Fridays and I don't like being on a schedule like that... ecspecially in the blog world.  I would wait to post about something pregnancy related on Friday then would totally forget and that just sucks. ;)  I wanna post, when I wanna post, about what I wanna post.  So I am.

To KETCHUP on what has been going on....

  • Ryan has been painting the nursery.  This super excites me.  He is doing a fabulous job all by himself! He is such a sweet man and just gets in there and gets busy.  He is so happy to be doing this for her.  I know that sounds weird but it just makes him proud. ;)  FYI: I'm not revealing any nursery details (colors, decorations, etc.) until it is all finished.
  • We ordered Zoey's crib and dresser/changing table yesterday.  Cannot wait for them to come in! They are supposed to be here around the 22nd of this month.
  • We have started on 3 different crafts for Zoey's room.  We are doing a lot of DIY not only to save money but to have special touches from Mom and Dad in her room.  We are loving it so far! I think her room is going to be awesome! ;)
  • Yes, Hannah is working on a project as well for Zoey's room.
  • I am almost in my 3rd trimester/6 months pregnant and it's freaking me out.  Where did the time go? Seriously.
  • I have a serious food issue lately.  I love always.  I eat about a package a week w/ about a gallon of milk a week.  Crazy.  Mexican food is my other best friend.  Can't get enough!
  • I am only 6 pounds above my starting weight.  Although I lost 9 pounds in the beginning, I have technically only gained 6 pounds.
  • I feel like my belly is huge... pics to come soon.
  • The next 4 months are going to be cray cray.  Let me explain - this is what we have coming up: 1 year wedding anniversary, Justin Moore and Miranda Lambert concert, Ryan's Birthday, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Baby Born w/ decorating for the nursery, doctors appointments, baby showers, full time work, a 6 year old, 2 dogs and whatever else my pregnant brain has forgotten at the moment. That's a lot in 4 months if you ask me. Holiday's are super crazy too because Ryan and I both have extended families and a 6 year old that EVERYONE wants to see. Whooooo Weeeee. Should be fun.

That's about all I can process in one post.  LOTS of blogging coming up though.  As you can see.

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