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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Jail Bird

Well, appppparently my mom and I are practically criminals.  We almost went to jail today.  And when I mean almost.. I mean I was overly sure we were done for. Funny story really.

Lets begin with... can you see my mom and I in jail??! Or can you see us doing something to actually almost get arrested?!? (Don't answer that last question.)

Well about 3 weeks ago I received a speeding ticket.  60 in a 40. Totally did not deserve that. *insert sarcasm*

I picked up my mom at lunch today so she could ride with me down town to the Bi State building while I took care of my ticket.

If you have ever been downtown you know the parking is super limited.  As soon as I saw the ONLY open spot within 1/2 a mile of the builing I WHIPPED ( my opinion, not my moms) across the other lane (I think that is illegal.. not sure) to make sure the car coming from the other direction would not steal my spot.  I made it in the parking spot safely and the car passed right on by.  (Remember this "car" for future references.)

My mom and I go inside and take care of our business and precede to return to my vehicle.  As I am backing out, a car "passes" by (or so I thought) and I continue to reverse.  Well all of the sudden a loud HOOOONK comes and I slam on my breaks.  The same car as previously mentioned has done the same thing I did and whipped across on-coming traffic to park next to me.  Well I know he saw me with my reverse lights on backing out but continues to turn in, almost hit me, and then slam on his horn.  I'm like well exxxxcuse me! So I honk back and like a very unfriendly person I flipped him the bird. (In my defense, I was already having a very frustrating day at work, I had just spent lots of money I didn't have on a stupid ticket, and I was hungry.)  ;)  Well, this RUDE man jumps out of his car and starts FAST walking to my car.  As if I'm going to sit there and let some stranger man run up to my car to beat me up, so I take off! Well low-and-behold he flashes up a COP BADGE.  This hommie is a under cover police officer people!!

Well at this point I am already driving off so I was like whatever dude.  You made the illegal turn not me! Well as I'm driving off there is a parked car in the middle of the street and I proceed to go around it and continue on my marry way.  Well, believe it or not, HE IS A UNDER COVER COP TOO! He jumps out of his car flagging me down, holding up his badge.  I'm like WHAT THE HECK! This is nuts.

So I pull over, 4 undercover cops JUMP out of there car (one is parked behind me and one is in front of me at this point) and RUN over to my car.  On the driver side and passenger side. I'm like, great, I'm soo in trouble.

At this point, I'm so shocked I don't really remember what all was said.  He pretty much told me he could arrest me for flipping him off.  I could have started a violent outbreak if it was just a normal citizen.  He had the right of way, not me, even though he did the illegal turn in.  I did the same thing to him earlier (totally false, it was totally different). Blah.Blah.Blah. He went on and on and took my drivers license and went to the back of my car and stood there with his buddies for like 5 minutes and then came back and was like drive more careful or something like that.

He was red faced and shaking and MAAAD. I don't really know why he let me go, it was pretty obvious I was trying to run away from him, Ryan said he didn't have a reason to arrest me.  I just know it scared me but mostly my mom.  HaHa. (Sorry Mom.) Oh, and I'm not allowed (per my mother and husband) to drive down town anymore.  Apparently, there are too many cops around. 

Dang Road Rage.

I never said I was a good driver FYI.

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