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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

It's a..... BEST DAY EVER!

Today was pretty much the best day of my life.  We went to the doctor...











Excited is an understatement.   We are so thrilled!

Lil' Hannah went the appointment with Ryan and I.  She was on cloud nine.  As soon as the baby came up on the screen she started talking! "Oh my gosh, look at the baby, so sweet, awww, look at those feet, etc., etc."

The ultrasound was super fabulous.  We saw EVERYTHING.  All 10 toes and fingers, all 4 chambers of the heart, the spine, the ribs, the kidneys, brain, stomach, etc.  The baby was super sweet. 

Towards the end, the doctor rolled around to the rear of the baby and said, "And right there you can see what the baby is."  And I knew right off the bat, I said, "It's a girl?!" He said, "It is a girl!"

Yaaaaaaaaaay.  I started smiling from ear to ear and haven't stopped since!  He gave a super fab DVD that I watched again as soon as I got home.  He did switch over to 4D three seperate times, which was fantastic.  She had her hands over her face the whole time though! He kept laughing and trying to shake her but she wasn't having it.  She didn't want us to see her sweet face!

Hannah. flipped. out.  He said girl and she said, "Oh, I'm having a sister.  Daddy, it's a girl! I'm having a sister."  :) Sweetest moment ever.

She couldn't wait to get to school so she could tell her teacher and friends.  Love that sweet girl.

I have bought and been gifted a few items this week.  Before we found out IT'S A GIRL I got this adorbable LSU onesie.  Of course, it's unisex.

My mother in law and father in law sent Ryan and I these flowers and sweet Monkey to my office after my appointment this morning.  So nice!

My mom also stopped by and brought me these most adorable outfits.  It was two gowns, a onesie (that says "Mommy Loves Me"), a jacket and pants.  Love!

After work, Ryan and I went to Target.  I HAD to go shopping.  I have been waiting too long for this moment.  I wanted some girlie things and fast!

I sorta, maybe, kinda went overboard but it was so worth it.

Aren't these socks and tights to die for?!?  Ruffles on the butt is so my thing.

Yes, I got my baby some jeggings.  Love.  The purple shirt says, "Mom and Dad Love Me!" and the big pink bow is just too much. :)

Love this lil' outfit.  Pink jacket, jeans, and a polka dot onesie.

A robe!! Too sweet.

This super cute PJ thingy.  It's white and grey zebra print on super, super soft fleece.  The tag says "I <3 Mommy"

I love cupcakes.  This could not be passed up.  It says, "Sweet As Can Be" with a cupcake, blue pants, and a stripped jacket with a cupcake on it.  Don't you just love?!

Sweetest PJ thingy ever.  (I don't know what to call these.)  It says, "Daddy's Cutie" with an owl and polka dots!  I loooove the Daddy stuff and plan on getting a lot more.  Target had more Mommy stuff.

And this fab outfit.  It's light purple and white zebra jacket with purple pants. 

The onesie that goes with it says, "Wild About Mommy."  Looooove.

Aaaaaah. So fun.  I could have gotten so much more.  But Ryan contained me. HaHa.

I am so happy.  Best. Day. Ever.  :)

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