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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Baby Girl Name

So yesterday we found out we were having a baby girl... as you already know. ;) 

Today we finalized the name!

We have been thinking of names for quite some time now.  We had the boys name ready but not 100% on the girls.  We argeed on the boys name right off the bat but couldn't quite agree on a girls.

Ever since our appointment yesterday we have been texting (while at work) and talking pretty much constantly about it.  I didn't want to rush but I sure couldn't WAIT to have her named!

We finally decided on the most perfect, beautiful name EVER. ;)   (To us atleast.)  

And without further ado.....

our baby girls name is.....

Zoey Jett Crider

We love her name so much! Zoey was one of our favorites from the beginning.  We couldn't decide if it should be her first or middle name.  Then we came across Jett (via the internet..yes it's true) and fell in love.  It is so different , which we really wanted, and she is not named after anyone in particular.  Just a random name we came up with together.   

We have already had Bennie and the Jets sang to us, people ask if she is named after Joan Jett from The Runaways or Hank Williams Sr's daugher Jett Williams.  :)  We found the name on a website in a list of about 100000 girls names and loved it right when I said it out loud.  NOT AFTER ANYONE !

We sure can't wait to meet Ms. Zoey Jett Crider.


Katie @ Modern-Day Family said...

cute name! SO exciting!

HickChickBritt said...

I love ready soon to be momma blogs! I am kinda obsesed! Haha. I am due Decemeber 5th and all I do all day at work is read blogs. Ooops! Glad everything is going good and congrats on the girl. When do we get to see some baby bump shots?