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Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Football season in my house is.... girly??

I guess what I mean is.... for some odd reason.... my husband doesn't watch football... **GASP**.

I know, right.

What southerner doesn't watch football ??!!  He says he has better things to do then stare at the TV for 4 hours.  NOT ME! :):):)

I love football and have NO problem watching it all alone.  I do plan on having a partner to watch it with me very soon... Miss Zoey of course.

I watch 3 teams.  LSU, SAINTS, and COWBOYS.

This past weekend one played Saturday, Sunday and then Monday.  Ryan was not so happy... haha.  I stole the TV all three days in a row and on Tuesday I was not aloud to pick what we watched. ;)

LSU and SAINTS are my all time favs... COWBOYS I do like, maybe 'cause I'm a Texan or maybe 'cause my boss and girlies at work LOVE them and I have to keep up!  IF the Saints and Cowboys are playing.. I'm totally for the Saints. ;)

It seems so weird to have the women in the house love football but not the man.  He WILL watch some of the games with me but not much.

I always want to make all these snacks and set them out but.. just for me?? Nah. HaHa

Maybe... one day... I'll convert him to a Football Fan.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Happy 1 Year!

Today is mine and Ryan's 1 year anniversary! ;)

I cannot believe we have been married a year... almost together for four.  It has been one amazing, fun, crazy, interesting year and I could not be happier to be married to my sweet man.

I am so ready for many, many more years and adventures with Ryan.

I love my man so much! ;)  Happy 1 Year My Love!

AND, some pics from the best day of my life.

One year ago today.....

Saturday, September 24, 2011

belly pics

I've only taken 3 belly pics in the past 6 months.  Bad Hanna. 

19 Weeks

 20 Weeks 5 Days

 24 Weeks

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Jail Bird

Well, appppparently my mom and I are practically criminals.  We almost went to jail today.  And when I mean almost.. I mean I was overly sure we were done for. Funny story really.

Lets begin with... can you see my mom and I in jail??! Or can you see us doing something to actually almost get arrested?!? (Don't answer that last question.)

Well about 3 weeks ago I received a speeding ticket.  60 in a 40. Totally did not deserve that. *insert sarcasm*

I picked up my mom at lunch today so she could ride with me down town to the Bi State building while I took care of my ticket.

If you have ever been downtown you know the parking is super limited.  As soon as I saw the ONLY open spot within 1/2 a mile of the builing I WHIPPED ( my opinion, not my moms) across the other lane (I think that is illegal.. not sure) to make sure the car coming from the other direction would not steal my spot.  I made it in the parking spot safely and the car passed right on by.  (Remember this "car" for future references.)

My mom and I go inside and take care of our business and precede to return to my vehicle.  As I am backing out, a car "passes" by (or so I thought) and I continue to reverse.  Well all of the sudden a loud HOOOONK comes and I slam on my breaks.  The same car as previously mentioned has done the same thing I did and whipped across on-coming traffic to park next to me.  Well I know he saw me with my reverse lights on backing out but continues to turn in, almost hit me, and then slam on his horn.  I'm like well exxxxcuse me! So I honk back and like a very unfriendly person I flipped him the bird. (In my defense, I was already having a very frustrating day at work, I had just spent lots of money I didn't have on a stupid ticket, and I was hungry.)  ;)  Well, this RUDE man jumps out of his car and starts FAST walking to my car.  As if I'm going to sit there and let some stranger man run up to my car to beat me up, so I take off! Well low-and-behold he flashes up a COP BADGE.  This hommie is a under cover police officer people!!

Well at this point I am already driving off so I was like whatever dude.  You made the illegal turn not me! Well as I'm driving off there is a parked car in the middle of the street and I proceed to go around it and continue on my marry way.  Well, believe it or not, HE IS A UNDER COVER COP TOO! He jumps out of his car flagging me down, holding up his badge.  I'm like WHAT THE HECK! This is nuts.

So I pull over, 4 undercover cops JUMP out of there car (one is parked behind me and one is in front of me at this point) and RUN over to my car.  On the driver side and passenger side. I'm like, great, I'm soo in trouble.

At this point, I'm so shocked I don't really remember what all was said.  He pretty much told me he could arrest me for flipping him off.  I could have started a violent outbreak if it was just a normal citizen.  He had the right of way, not me, even though he did the illegal turn in.  I did the same thing to him earlier (totally false, it was totally different). Blah.Blah.Blah. He went on and on and took my drivers license and went to the back of my car and stood there with his buddies for like 5 minutes and then came back and was like drive more careful or something like that.

He was red faced and shaking and MAAAD. I don't really know why he let me go, it was pretty obvious I was trying to run away from him, Ryan said he didn't have a reason to arrest me.  I just know it scared me but mostly my mom.  HaHa. (Sorry Mom.) Oh, and I'm not allowed (per my mother and husband) to drive down town anymore.  Apparently, there are too many cops around. 

Dang Road Rage.

I never said I was a good driver FYI.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Prego Symptoms

I am 23 weeks and 1 day pregnant with sweet Zoey Jett.  I have 16 weeks and 6 days remaining. ;)

I have had lots of symptoms since I was pregnant but nothing too drastic or that I couldnt handle. (Sorta, I'm a big sissy.)

I have had:
  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • dizziness
  • headaches
I am having:
  • back pain
  • pain in my groin
  • hair growth
  • heartburn
  • tummy aches
 Most of the "I have had" symptoms were in my first trimester and were pretty severe.  The dizziness and headaches still comes on some but not as bad.

Back pain is going strong right now.  It's mainly in the middle of my back and when I sit for too long (at my desk or on the couch.)  I have to get up and walk around and stretch and it usually subsides.

Pain in my groin is a new thing this week.  I have no clue what it is or what it means but it feels like I have pulled a muscle on both sides of my legs.  I have heard to try a pregnancy belt and it should help. I've been thinking about getting one but have not yet.

Hair growth -- HaHa.  Yes my hair on my head seems to be growing fast along with my nails (due to prenatal vitamens I am assuming) but other hair is growing too.  I noticed earlier this week my stomach seems hairy.  Not bad...of course with my blonde hair but still weird.

A new thing going on within the past week is my mobility.  It is getting harder for me to get up off the couch or out of bed if I am laying down.  Just sitting is fine but if I'm laying down for a bit my body seems stiff and it's hard for me to lift up. I'm starting the roll over and push up thingy. ;)

I think I have had a pretty easy pregnancy so far.  I'm sure some moms would agree.  Nothing too crazy has happened so I do feel very, very blessed.  I pray constantly that Zoey and I are doing good and continue on this path until her birthday. ;)

Well it just figures...

Of course, I would absolutly love Pinterest and become completly addicted.

It's so ridiculous all the amazing things they have on there! From food to clothes to crafts to sayings.  It's so cool.

Let me just show you some of my finds:

This is like 1/100th of the stuff I have found.  This is like 1/843759187349587234th of the stuff they have on there!

The other cool thing about it is they have links to make the recipes or to buy the shoes or how to's on EVERYTHING you click on.  So it's not just pictures you are looking at.. it is ideas. I LOVE IT!

I DID get Zoey's nursery idea from Pinterest and some of the DIY projects that we are doing from there.  I won't show you these pics until later. ;)


Thursday, September 15, 2011


So, I've been the worst blogger ever lately.  I don't even know why it's not like I'm THAT busy...not yet atleast!

I'm just super lazy I suppose.

This is post is not about ketchup per's about catching up.  ;) I'm so behind.

So I've decided to no longer do the Prego Mumbo Jumbo post each week.  As you may can tell they are not done half the time anyway.  It just makes me feel like I HAVE to post on Fridays and I don't like being on a schedule like that... ecspecially in the blog world.  I would wait to post about something pregnancy related on Friday then would totally forget and that just sucks. ;)  I wanna post, when I wanna post, about what I wanna post.  So I am.

To KETCHUP on what has been going on....

  • Ryan has been painting the nursery.  This super excites me.  He is doing a fabulous job all by himself! He is such a sweet man and just gets in there and gets busy.  He is so happy to be doing this for her.  I know that sounds weird but it just makes him proud. ;)  FYI: I'm not revealing any nursery details (colors, decorations, etc.) until it is all finished.
  • We ordered Zoey's crib and dresser/changing table yesterday.  Cannot wait for them to come in! They are supposed to be here around the 22nd of this month.
  • We have started on 3 different crafts for Zoey's room.  We are doing a lot of DIY not only to save money but to have special touches from Mom and Dad in her room.  We are loving it so far! I think her room is going to be awesome! ;)
  • Yes, Hannah is working on a project as well for Zoey's room.
  • I am almost in my 3rd trimester/6 months pregnant and it's freaking me out.  Where did the time go? Seriously.
  • I have a serious food issue lately.  I love always.  I eat about a package a week w/ about a gallon of milk a week.  Crazy.  Mexican food is my other best friend.  Can't get enough!
  • I am only 6 pounds above my starting weight.  Although I lost 9 pounds in the beginning, I have technically only gained 6 pounds.
  • I feel like my belly is huge... pics to come soon.
  • The next 4 months are going to be cray cray.  Let me explain - this is what we have coming up: 1 year wedding anniversary, Justin Moore and Miranda Lambert concert, Ryan's Birthday, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Baby Born w/ decorating for the nursery, doctors appointments, baby showers, full time work, a 6 year old, 2 dogs and whatever else my pregnant brain has forgotten at the moment. That's a lot in 4 months if you ask me. Holiday's are super crazy too because Ryan and I both have extended families and a 6 year old that EVERYONE wants to see. Whooooo Weeeee. Should be fun.

That's about all I can process in one post.  LOTS of blogging coming up though.  As you can see.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Baby Girl Name

So yesterday we found out we were having a baby girl... as you already know. ;) 

Today we finalized the name!

We have been thinking of names for quite some time now.  We had the boys name ready but not 100% on the girls.  We argeed on the boys name right off the bat but couldn't quite agree on a girls.

Ever since our appointment yesterday we have been texting (while at work) and talking pretty much constantly about it.  I didn't want to rush but I sure couldn't WAIT to have her named!

We finally decided on the most perfect, beautiful name EVER. ;)   (To us atleast.)  

And without further ado.....

our baby girls name is.....

Zoey Jett Crider

We love her name so much! Zoey was one of our favorites from the beginning.  We couldn't decide if it should be her first or middle name.  Then we came across Jett (via the internet..yes it's true) and fell in love.  It is so different , which we really wanted, and she is not named after anyone in particular.  Just a random name we came up with together.   

We have already had Bennie and the Jets sang to us, people ask if she is named after Joan Jett from The Runaways or Hank Williams Sr's daugher Jett Williams.  :)  We found the name on a website in a list of about 100000 girls names and loved it right when I said it out loud.  NOT AFTER ANYONE !

We sure can't wait to meet Ms. Zoey Jett Crider.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

It's a..... BEST DAY EVER!

Today was pretty much the best day of my life.  We went to the doctor...











Excited is an understatement.   We are so thrilled!

Lil' Hannah went the appointment with Ryan and I.  She was on cloud nine.  As soon as the baby came up on the screen she started talking! "Oh my gosh, look at the baby, so sweet, awww, look at those feet, etc., etc."

The ultrasound was super fabulous.  We saw EVERYTHING.  All 10 toes and fingers, all 4 chambers of the heart, the spine, the ribs, the kidneys, brain, stomach, etc.  The baby was super sweet. 

Towards the end, the doctor rolled around to the rear of the baby and said, "And right there you can see what the baby is."  And I knew right off the bat, I said, "It's a girl?!" He said, "It is a girl!"

Yaaaaaaaaaay.  I started smiling from ear to ear and haven't stopped since!  He gave a super fab DVD that I watched again as soon as I got home.  He did switch over to 4D three seperate times, which was fantastic.  She had her hands over her face the whole time though! He kept laughing and trying to shake her but she wasn't having it.  She didn't want us to see her sweet face!

Hannah. flipped. out.  He said girl and she said, "Oh, I'm having a sister.  Daddy, it's a girl! I'm having a sister."  :) Sweetest moment ever.

She couldn't wait to get to school so she could tell her teacher and friends.  Love that sweet girl.

I have bought and been gifted a few items this week.  Before we found out IT'S A GIRL I got this adorbable LSU onesie.  Of course, it's unisex.

My mother in law and father in law sent Ryan and I these flowers and sweet Monkey to my office after my appointment this morning.  So nice!

My mom also stopped by and brought me these most adorable outfits.  It was two gowns, a onesie (that says "Mommy Loves Me"), a jacket and pants.  Love!

After work, Ryan and I went to Target.  I HAD to go shopping.  I have been waiting too long for this moment.  I wanted some girlie things and fast!

I sorta, maybe, kinda went overboard but it was so worth it.

Aren't these socks and tights to die for?!?  Ruffles on the butt is so my thing.

Yes, I got my baby some jeggings.  Love.  The purple shirt says, "Mom and Dad Love Me!" and the big pink bow is just too much. :)

Love this lil' outfit.  Pink jacket, jeans, and a polka dot onesie.

A robe!! Too sweet.

This super cute PJ thingy.  It's white and grey zebra print on super, super soft fleece.  The tag says "I <3 Mommy"

I love cupcakes.  This could not be passed up.  It says, "Sweet As Can Be" with a cupcake, blue pants, and a stripped jacket with a cupcake on it.  Don't you just love?!

Sweetest PJ thingy ever.  (I don't know what to call these.)  It says, "Daddy's Cutie" with an owl and polka dots!  I loooove the Daddy stuff and plan on getting a lot more.  Target had more Mommy stuff.

And this fab outfit.  It's light purple and white zebra jacket with purple pants. 

The onesie that goes with it says, "Wild About Mommy."  Looooove.

Aaaaaah. So fun.  I could have gotten so much more.  But Ryan contained me. HaHa.

I am so happy.  Best. Day. Ever.  :)

Monday, September 5, 2011

What Be Up.

It's been busy and crazy and fun around here!  I'm finally blogging about something that isn't baby. Surprised?! Me too! :)

We actually have a life outside of the baby, believe it or not. (For the next 4 months or so! HaHa) Although...tomorrow WE FIND OUT THE SEX!!! I will post tomorrow night, don't worry. 

Here are some pictures from our weekend.  We've had a really good time and reeeally don't want to go back to work tomorrow!

Kaite, my lil' sis, and Hannah.

Kaite opening her birthday gifts.  She turned 14! Happy Birthday Sister! :)

Hannah, Ryan and Kaite taking a nap/playing around.

Hannah got some new teeth from C C's Pizza.  They are called Perwty Gums. HaHa.

This is how Hannah plays on the computer....crazy lady!

And the sweet pups of course, Axel and Spike.

Spike and the Baby!

On Labor Day, Hannah, Ryan, and I had a picnic in our front yard.

Hannah and Ryan got it all together.  So sweet.  We had weiners, cheese, crackers, powder donuts, twinkies, milk and juice. 

So fun!

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! Have a blessed week!