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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Prego Mumbo Jumbo - Week 18

I am 18 weeks and 1 day pregnant.  I really can't believe how fast it has gone.  Day by day it seems super slow but when I say 18 weeks, I think, wow that was fast!

All the websites and books and apps (haha, I'm obsessed) say my baby is on a serious growth spurt the next three weeks.  This makes me happy because I want my baby to be chunky! 

I haven't felt a single movement which is totally depressing me.  They say my baby is yawning, hiccupping, rolling, twisting, kicking, punching, sucking, and swallowing but I can't tell just yet.  I sure can't wait though.

I have tried a few tricks to try and feel him/her but nothing has worked for me.

I am so so so so ready to find out the sex.  Everyone I talk to says they knew by now but only 3 more weeks and I will know!!

Not much else is going on pregnancy wise...

We did buy a truck for my husband a few weeks ago and have found it is a total PIECE OF CRUD.  It is a used Ford F-150 that we got from a local dealership.  They are doing NOTHING to help us.. I guess when you drive it off the lot that is it.  I am very upset though and will NEVER, EVER go back to them or refer anyone there.  They are very big here in town and I don't know how.  Worst customer service ever.  It just confuses me as to how they could screw someone and not even care! We are not rich and work very hard for our money and have now wasted what we did have saved up on a piece of crap truck! My husband has been driving an old car and has wanted a truck for a very long time.  He was so proud and happy that he finally got one, just to turn around and find out we were lied to and it will probably fall apart any minute.  What can ya do!

Anyways, sorry for the rant.

Hope you have a fabulous weekend and upcoming week!

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