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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I knew it!!

I knew there was a baby in there!! I just knew it!!

I'm posting this only so I can have compete records of everything and so you guys can know too!

I felt the baby (officially) for the first time yesterday.. 08/29/2011!  Yay.

I am pretty sure their has been previous movements but I just haven't realized or been 100% that that was what they were.

I was sitting in the recliner yesterday playing on my laptop and started feeling something..and something else..and kept feeling it off and on for a good hour! I told Ryan who totally flipped and put his hand on my tummy.  Of course, it stopped and he didn't feel a thing.  He was saying how unfair it was.  HaHa.  ( I later read in my book that after the mom feels the baby, it is usually a few weeks before it can be felt through the belly. Sorry babe. )

Ryan kept telling me to describe what I was feeling -- it was pretty low -- it was like little kicks or something?! It wasn't the butterfly feeling people have been describing but more of a little kick or punch.

Anyways, I felt it again today! I was sitting at work and it started up for about 30 minutes here and there.  I just sat their and imagined my baby dancing and kicking its feet playing around. :)

So Fun! Can't wait for more!

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