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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Half Way There!! - Prego Mumbo Jumbo 20 Weeks

So not even believable.... not. at. all.

I CANNOT possibly be 20 weeks pregnant... I can not possibly be HALF WAY THERE (or less considering many, many women I know didn't go all the way to 40 weeks.)

I. Am. Twenty. Weeks. Pregnant.



Ok.... I'm good.  Really.  I'm good.  I mean, I've done NOTHING.  I don't even know the sex of my baby for crying out loud! But, that's ok.  I have 5 more months... or 4 more months... whatever.  Plenty of time right?? Right?????


Baby be gettin' big!

So far, so good this week.  I have not felt ANY movements.  Very worried about this but all the books and apps and websites and so forth say it's fine.  I should be feeling within the next 2 weeks though. -- Now, let me say, I MAY have felt some things but couldn't really decide if it was baby or not or I may have not realized I was feeling the baby due to the stomach problems I constantly have.

Speaking of stomach problems, I lost my wonderful Monte Cristo I had been craving for weeks in the trash can.  So random?? I didn't feel sick AT ALL.  I was taking a nap yesterday, woke up in a complete sweat, and hit the trash can.  Odd.

I am looooving oreos and milk -- and jalapenos.  Not together of course. 

I am counting down the days until our next doctors visit -- T minus 9 days! I am praying that the baby cooperates at this visit because we get to find out the SEX!!!! Yaaay!!! I've been waiting TOO long for this moment! HaHa.

Baby got a new outfit yesterday... It's Pink Floyd.  Sweet baby is going to be a rocker one way or another! Boy or Girl!

Got ideas floating around for the nursery.  So ready to get going on all that.

Have a Fab Week!!!!

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