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Friday, July 1, 2011

Prego Mumbo Jumbo - Week 12

I am 12 weeks pregnant with Little Bun today!
 Moving right along on this first trimester! This is my last week.
Baby is the size of a large plum right now.  I can't believe how much they grow so quickly.

My absolute favorite thing right now is Sonic Ched-R-Peppers with lots of ranch dressing.  So. Flipping. Amazing.  I might have sent Ryan out at 9:30 last night to get me some. :)

I'm also really liking Chocolate Milk and Hot Cheetos as a snack.  And yes, together.  Not sure where I came up with that combo but it is very, very yummy.

I have been trying to eat healthier.  Not that you can tell from the above but I really have.  ;)

My morning sickness or sickness in general is pretty much gone.  I do get nauseated from time to time but that's all. Thank the Good Lord above for this.  I got scared from time to time thinking it would never go away.

I have been getting light headed and dizzy more than usual.  I hear this is a symptom of the 2nd trimester.

I just got finished reading Jenny McCarthy's Belly Laughs.

It was pretty funny but I knew most of the stuff that was already in it.  I guess I read it a little late in the game.  The headaches, dizziness, sleepiness, morning sickness chapters I pretty much skipped over because I have been there, done that!  I did have Ryan read a few things that I thought were interesting and would help him understand more of what was going on with me.  For instance, the chapter on sleepiness, I wanted him to see that I'm not the ONLY pregnant lady that wants to sleep all the time. ;)

I started Baby Wise as soon as I got done with Belly Laughs.

I'm only on the first chapter but can already tell I'm really going to like it.

Of course, I am reading What to Expect When Expecting every week.  I probably am freaking myself out more than I should with all these books I am reading!  I got all of them from suggestions from friends on Facebook.  If there is a book you loved, let me know, I'll read it too! HaHa.

My energy level has improved over the past 2 weeks.  I am not taking nearly as many naps as before and I hear that will improve more and more the next few weeks.

Next Wednesday is my 2nd doctors appointment.  I will post about it in my Week 13 post next Friday.  My big sister, Jessica, is going with me! So we are hoping to see the baby and hear the heartbeat for the first time! ;)

Have a Wonderful Fourth of July Weekend! Love.

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