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Sunday, July 31, 2011

More Partying and Pictures.

The weekend after Hannah's birthday party we had another party to attend.  Ryan's Uncle Paul turned 50 and he had a big bash at the country club to celebrate. 

He asked everyone to wear sports stuff so we decided on Dallas Mavs.  Of course, I wanted to do LSU but Academy here in town had NOTHING. Boo.

We had a good time visiting with the family and hitting the dance floor.

Before the party we had a little photo shoot, as usual. ;)

Daddy and Hannah. 

Me and Hannah. 

This is all three of us... and me with my aggraveted face.  They wouldn't play nice and take a pretty family photo.  They thought they were funny! ;) (After about 10 attempts that get mad at me!)

Hannah dancing with Gramps at the party.

Daddy and Hannah boogied most of the night!

They took a small break to play Angry Birds.

Love her so.

Fun. Fun.

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