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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Hannah's 6th Bday Partaaaa!

(Wow...I'm a slacker.  I am so behind on blogging...but catching up is in my near future...I promise.)

We had Hannah's birthday party at the house a few weeks ago.  Our theme was tie-dye and pizza. My family helped me with the decorations and I think it turned out pretty cool!

Hannah loved it and had a great time seeing everyone and playing with all the kiddos.  We even had some of my family drive in from 3 hours away... so that was a special treat!

This is the suuuuhweet banner my mom and I made for the party.  I was pretty impressed! I would have usually just bought something at the store but I figured I would get crafty and make my own.  We now have the "Hannah" part hanging above her bed and she loves it!

The purple table below the banner was for drinks and salad.

The yellow table was for the pizzzza.  Which I totally forgot to take a pic of once all 10 of them arrived. :(

The pink table was for the birthday cake and party favors. Ryan and I got a little wild with the streamers but it turned out fun!

The party favors turned out pretty cute too.  I baked a bunch of cupcakes and died the icing red, blue, green, and yellow.

Then put a tag on them that said....

And then there was the faaaabulous cake!  Thank you Pam, my stepmom, for the best. cake. ever.  It always pays off to have a baker in your family. ;)

I told her I wanted a tie-dye cake to go with my theme --- and she went ABOVE and BEYOND and not only had the outside tie-dye but the INSIDE too!


Hannah got lots and lots of goodies.. she is one lucky girl!

My fav was this gorgeous Bible from my Dad, stepmom and little sis.

Ryan has been reading it to her every night before bed. Melt.My.Heart.

And now for some random pictures throughout the party.  There was probably 30 people there and apparently I was too busy to take very many pics because this is all I got!

Happy Weekend Loves!!! ;)

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