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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Doggie and Sissy

So since I got my new camera I do nothing but take pics.  I'm totally obsessed with it.

My doggies are, at this point, my favorite models.



I love those silly boys so much. They are absolute best friends.  Spike is a mommys-boy and Axel is a daddys-boy.

Axel HATES the camera.  When I get it out he will turn his head and I have to SCREAM at him to make him look at me.  ;)

Today my Dad, stepmom and sister came to visit.  So I took some Fish-Eye Lens pics of my sister. 

Loooove these.  They crack me up! (Hope she doesn't kill me for posting these.) Love you Sis!!  ;)

Hope everyone has a blessed and happy week!

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