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Lilypie Maternity tickers

Monday, July 25, 2011


I am ridiculously behind on my blog posting.... like 10 whole days.

That is so abnormal..but to be hubby got me an IPod (yes, my first, don't judge) and a Nintendo DS for my birthday so I'm sorta addicted right now and can't find the time for ANYTHING else... including laundry, cooking, dishes, sleeping. ;)

I did not do a prego mumbo jumbo post for week 14 or 15 which I had planned.  I have NOTHING going on right now so I really didn't see any point.  I MAY do a week 16 this friday but I'm not too sure yet.  May wait until SOMETHING...ANYTHING...happens. ;)

I do need to post about Hannah's REAL birthday party which was super cute!..some maternity clothes I picked up from Motherhood...Ryan's Uncle's birthday party....and some other super random things.

Until then....

which will hopefully be tonight...

if I can put down this bad boy...

(Thank you sister Kaite for recycling your old goodies to your big sister!)

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