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Monday, June 6, 2011

Summer Swimming

Hannah finally got to do a little swimming this past weekend.  I wish more than anything we had a pool of our own but not day!

Last year we were at the apartments so we had two pools to choose from which she really enjoyed. I do plan on getting one of these little babies within the next week or so:
That should get us through the summer.  Since it's just us three -- it looks like we can fit in their leisurly and then when it's Hannah by herself she can do some playing in it!

This past weekend we went over to a friends house who was having a crawfish boil.  They set out a slip-n-slide and pool for the kiddos to keep cool in.

Hannah had a blast!

 So did Ryan.... Haha.

It looked liked fun but it looked like it hurt too! She was busting it left and right but would get right back up and try again!

After we left this lil party we went to get S N O W C O N E S but that's a post in itself! ;)

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