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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Snowcones??? Yes, Please!

Yaaaay for Snowcones!  I hate summer.  I really do... I can't stand the heat... I can't stand bathing suits (hehe).... I can't stand sweating.  I just hate the summer.  Now...if I lived up North I might actually like it...but Texas humidity and 115 degree weather is not my friend.

But BOY do I love SNOWCONES!! Ooh why can't we have them year round??  I am willing to bet anyone that my city has the best snow cone stand in America. 

I don't have a favorite flavor...I eat them all...but I do LOVE Sour Green Apple with an extra shot of Eye Popper Topper. Mmmmmm.

This past weekend Ryan, Hannah and I went to get some snowcones -- pretty sure that will turn into a every weekend thing.

 Hannah got Pink Bubblegum...I got Blue Raspberry...Ryan got Tiger's Blood!

Excuse the ugliness -- Hannah thought my blue lips, teeth and tongue were HILARIOUS so she just HAD to take a pic! HaHa

Ryan told Hannah that when he was a kid they would put a real piece of bubblegum at the bottom of the bubblegum flavored snowcones.  You can imagine her disapointment when she didn't have one!! Thanks Dad! ;)

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