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Friday, June 3, 2011

Prego Mumbo Jumbo - Week 8!

Well, my oh my, I am officially 8 weeks pregnant with Little Bun!!

I have been dancing around week 8 for two weeks now! I thought I was farther than I really was, so I had already thought I was 8 weeks, then I found out I wouldn't be 8 weeks until today. (Confusing, I know!)

I'm just happy to have made it this far.  It has been a bumpy 2 month ride but I am hanging in there the best I know how.  I am just SUPER thankful to be pregnant and to know I have a little baby on the way!

Only 7 more months to go! ;) Some say my baby is the size of a kidney bean...or about 1 inch long!
All in all, it's been an okay week.  I have been very, very tired and have taken a nap 6 out of the past 7 days.  I only cooked dinner one night and did dishes one night.. the laundry has not been touched -- I'm neglecting my poor husband, I know. He is probably starving, using dirty dishes and wearing dirty clothes! :(

Emetrol, sprite and crackers have been my new best friend this week.   Although I don't have much vomiting... the nausea has been severe.  I have lost 2 or 3 pounds this week simply because I cannot stand the thought, smell, or sight of MOST foods.

I definitly can tell a difference the past few days in me being able to eat more.  I'm sure I'll gain the weight right back.

Is it normal that all I think about and worry about is the birth?? I'm like ok.. I have to have an IV..SUCKS... I may have to have a big shot in my back.. SUCKS..I may have to have a C-section...SUCKS.. It's really stupid but I cant stop thinking about the birth that is 7 months away!! I'm such a worry wart.

I realize I'm only 8 weeks but I swear my belly is getting rounder.  Even with me not eating much.. I feel like my pants are getting tighter around the belly area.   I personally don't care because I want a big ol' pregnant belly but um...I wanna look like I'm 2 months not 6! ;)

I have been doing some serious shopping for Little Bun.  I haven't bought anything...just a unisex onesie (which I will post next week b/c I have a surprise to go along with it but it hasn't come in the mail yet!)..but I have picked out LOTS of stuff I want.  Cribs, changing tables, bath things, just all kinds of cool stuff that I probably don't need but I want. (Of course I need a crib but you know what I mean.)

I guess that's about it for this week.  I read and hear that my mood will probably get better starting this next week and that in 4 weeks I should feel like a completly new that excites me!  Always nice to have something good to look forward too....well besides the precious bundle of joy I'll get to love on!!!

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