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Friday, June 24, 2011

Prego Mumbo Jumbo - Week 11

I am 11 weeks pregnant with Little Bun today!

Sometimes I feel like time is creeping by and sometimes I feel like it is flying.  About two more weeks and I will be done with my first trimester. 

Little bun is growing so fast! I cannot believe he/she is already the size of a lime. 

I am finally able to eat and eat I have.  The other night, hubby took me to Olive Garden.  Pretty much the first restaurant I've been to in the past month.  I ate like I had been starved for days and the tummy ache afterwards was well worth it. ;)

Besides the Breadsticks, Salad, and Four Cheese Pastachetti with Grilled Sausage that I ate... we also got these:
They are called Zeppolis or an italian doughnut drizzled in powdered sugar with chocolate dipping sauce. Yummy. Yummy. Yummy!

I'm still anxiously awaiting June 6th for my next appointment.  I am hoping to hear the heart beat and maybe the sex?!?! If I was only so lucky! I will be almost 13 weeks at that appointment.

Yes, I have been having a ridiculously sweet teeth lately and hubs bought me a Magnum Ice Cream bar the other night from Walgreens.

I got the one on the right.  It has ice cream, caramel, and hard chocolate.  Soo good but very, very rich.  I couldn't finish the whole thing and it was pretty small! This is my first time to have one...I think they are new to the U.S. (atleast that's what the commercial said.)

I'm ready for this weekend.  My big sister, Jess, is coming in town tomorrow for a girls day of eating and shopping.  This super excites me, plus it will give Ryan a break from me! ;)

Have a safe and fun weeked!

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