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Monday, June 20, 2011

Prego Mumbo Jumbo - Week 10

I am 10 weeks (and 3 days...a little late!) pregnant with Little Bun today!

I am sooo ready to find out the sex of my baby! This waiting game is not for me. ;)  Everyone is predicting a girl because of how sick I have been.  I am thinking a boy though.

Last week was horrible.  I was sick, sick, sick.  This weekend was a tad better though! Things are looking up, I do believe.

Funny story:

Friday night Ryan and I took Hannah to Chuck-E-Cheese's.  They ate pizza while I settled for a salad and maybe a few bites of pizza.  I was feeling really good so I was loving the yummy salad and few bites of pizza. *Fast forward to us pulling up in driveway, me jumping out of car, and losing my dinner in our front lawn.* As I'm doing my business I can hear my next door neighbor say, "Oooooh girl, I know what that is! That's morning sickness.  Congrats!!"  All I could manage was a thumbs up...  How in the world she figured that out I do not know.  How did she know I didn't have a stomach bug?? I mean it was 8 o'clock at night.

Anyway, during all this craziness, sweet, sweet Hannah is so confused.  She's asking Ryan what's wrong and why the baby is sick..not why I am sick but why the baby is sick. :):)  She had the most concerned looked and kept rubbing my back saying it would be ok. 

I hate for her to see me that way but we explained to her a few things and she seemed to understand.  She kept asking me if I needed anything...she's going to be such a great Big Sister!!

Otherwise, it's been pretty calm for the 10th week.  Not much going on...just patiently waiting for the first trimester to be over.. only two more weeks!!

I have lost 9 pounds but can tell my belly is rounding a bit.  I sure am ready to start eating like a pregnant women. ;)

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WhitBoff said...

CARBS! I know you want to try to eat healthy, but the only way I could gain weight and be LESS nauseous was a lot of CARBS! Ramen noodles (I only did some of the seasoning packet because too much made me nauseous! HA or just butter), mac n cheese, and egg noodles were my best friends!I hope it gets better soon. XOXOXO