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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pregnancy Question!

I have debated for two days what my next post would be.  For some reason, since I found out I was pregnant, my blog has turned into nothing but BABY.  I'm sure that's nice and old by now...of course it isn't for me. ;)

I couldn't rack my brain for a single thing to post about that wasn't pregnancy related.  I don't know WHAT I did before I got pregnant.

Anyways, this is just a question I have had on my mind.. wondering if any of you other ladies experienced this.

On Saturday, I was 11 weeks and 1 day pregnant.  I woke up perfectly fine but not long after my stomach started swelling.  By bed time I looked 8 months pregnant.  No joke.  I took a picture on my phone but have no clue how to get it to the internet.  (I don't do the smart phone thing.) 

The picture is WILD...everyone I show it to is like O M G YOU ARE HUGE!! Nothing else was ankles, legs, arms, everything were normal...just my stomach.

It was the weirdest thing.  My mom thinks I was possibly retaining water or bloated?? Eating too much salt maybe?? Sunday, when I woke up it was better and has gotten better everyday since.  I have cut WAY back on my sodium intake.

Did this happen to anyone else?!? Is that normal?!?  I guess it didn't hurt anything considering it went away but it was very ODD and kinda freaky. : / 


WhitBoff said...

At that stage in my pregnancy I remember thinking I just want to LOOK pregnant and not this "had way too much to drink and eat this weekend" bloated/fat. It's a weird stage that's annoying. I always got a lot worse with a lot of salt and if I wasn't drinking enough water. It sounds backwards, I know, but your body hold on to water the more dehydrated you are. Drink lots and lots of water! PS. I LOVE BABY BLOGS! :)

Smile Steady said...

The good ole BLOAT. It sucks. I'm so glad I'm past that!