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Tuesday, June 14, 2011


very, very ill
That is all I know these days.  I have been pretty absent from the social networking world due to lack of energy.  If I'm not at work and desperatly wishing I was at home then I am vomiting or asleep.

Last week I had two migraines.. one on Tuesday and one on Saturday.. those are the WORST.  I did get some meds from my doctor to take if I feel one coming on again. 

I believe I have thrown up atleast once a day for the past week or two.  If I'm not 'getting sick' then I'm not eating because I'm too afraid of getting sick.  I have been living off saltine crackers and ginger ale.  Very tired of both.

I have thrown up on the side of the road the past two days in a row now.  I'm too the point of not wanting to leave my house but that's not possible with a full time job.

I have lost 8 pounds as of this morning since finding out I was pregnant.  Hopefully, the baby is getting all the goodies and I'm the one lacking.  I sure don't want the baby to be lacking anything that he/she needs.

I think I could be a lot worse so I should be thankful but I am still feeling very, very under the weather.

Does anyone have any suggestions that helped them out?!? 

I have gotten LOTS of advice that I truly appreciate and have tried.  I am sipping gatorade and/or ginger ale pretty much all day.  I munch on saltine crackers all day.  A coworker told me that grilled cheese is all she could eat so I had one from Sonic tonight and was able to finish it and so far it hasn't made it's way to my toilet or trash can yet. (thats a miracle!) I'm still taking Emerol like crazy.

My biggest fear is becoming dehydrated and having to go get an IV in the hospital. (As you now know I am deathly afraid of needles.) Of course, I would do it in a heart beat to keep my baby safe but I would rather just try to stay hydrated on my own. ;)

All I keep thinking to myself is...'This too shall pass.'  Unfortuantly, I'm only creeping up on 10 weeks so I'm afraid it isn't going to be sooner than later. Sheesh.

It will ALL be worth it in the end though.  To see and hold that sweet little baby will make all this nonsense so pointless!!


Smile Steady said...

I'm so sorry, hun. I know how bad that sucks. I drank a cup of hot peppermint-ginger tea each morning (caffeine free of course), and that seemed to help a bit. It's not so bad coming back up, either!

Hope you get to feeling better soon!

The McAnear's said...

i never got sik with Kamdon but Ashleigh got sick with Ava almost every day for the first few weeks. She did what you were doing and got medicine from her doctor. They say that when your sick ALOT it means a girl!!! It was true with Ashleigh and I!!! Humm...