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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pregnancy Question!

I have debated for two days what my next post would be.  For some reason, since I found out I was pregnant, my blog has turned into nothing but BABY.  I'm sure that's nice and old by now...of course it isn't for me. ;)

I couldn't rack my brain for a single thing to post about that wasn't pregnancy related.  I don't know WHAT I did before I got pregnant.

Anyways, this is just a question I have had on my mind.. wondering if any of you other ladies experienced this.

On Saturday, I was 11 weeks and 1 day pregnant.  I woke up perfectly fine but not long after my stomach started swelling.  By bed time I looked 8 months pregnant.  No joke.  I took a picture on my phone but have no clue how to get it to the internet.  (I don't do the smart phone thing.) 

The picture is WILD...everyone I show it to is like O M G YOU ARE HUGE!! Nothing else was ankles, legs, arms, everything were normal...just my stomach.

It was the weirdest thing.  My mom thinks I was possibly retaining water or bloated?? Eating too much salt maybe?? Sunday, when I woke up it was better and has gotten better everyday since.  I have cut WAY back on my sodium intake.

Did this happen to anyone else?!? Is that normal?!?  I guess it didn't hurt anything considering it went away but it was very ODD and kinda freaky. : / 

Friday, June 24, 2011

Prego Mumbo Jumbo - Week 11

I am 11 weeks pregnant with Little Bun today!

Sometimes I feel like time is creeping by and sometimes I feel like it is flying.  About two more weeks and I will be done with my first trimester. 

Little bun is growing so fast! I cannot believe he/she is already the size of a lime. 

I am finally able to eat and eat I have.  The other night, hubby took me to Olive Garden.  Pretty much the first restaurant I've been to in the past month.  I ate like I had been starved for days and the tummy ache afterwards was well worth it. ;)

Besides the Breadsticks, Salad, and Four Cheese Pastachetti with Grilled Sausage that I ate... we also got these:
They are called Zeppolis or an italian doughnut drizzled in powdered sugar with chocolate dipping sauce. Yummy. Yummy. Yummy!

I'm still anxiously awaiting June 6th for my next appointment.  I am hoping to hear the heart beat and maybe the sex?!?! If I was only so lucky! I will be almost 13 weeks at that appointment.

Yes, I have been having a ridiculously sweet teeth lately and hubs bought me a Magnum Ice Cream bar the other night from Walgreens.

I got the one on the right.  It has ice cream, caramel, and hard chocolate.  Soo good but very, very rich.  I couldn't finish the whole thing and it was pretty small! This is my first time to have one...I think they are new to the U.S. (atleast that's what the commercial said.)

I'm ready for this weekend.  My big sister, Jess, is coming in town tomorrow for a girls day of eating and shopping.  This super excites me, plus it will give Ryan a break from me! ;)

Have a safe and fun weeked!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Prego Mumbo Jumbo - Week 10

I am 10 weeks (and 3 days...a little late!) pregnant with Little Bun today!

I am sooo ready to find out the sex of my baby! This waiting game is not for me. ;)  Everyone is predicting a girl because of how sick I have been.  I am thinking a boy though.

Last week was horrible.  I was sick, sick, sick.  This weekend was a tad better though! Things are looking up, I do believe.

Funny story:

Friday night Ryan and I took Hannah to Chuck-E-Cheese's.  They ate pizza while I settled for a salad and maybe a few bites of pizza.  I was feeling really good so I was loving the yummy salad and few bites of pizza. *Fast forward to us pulling up in driveway, me jumping out of car, and losing my dinner in our front lawn.* As I'm doing my business I can hear my next door neighbor say, "Oooooh girl, I know what that is! That's morning sickness.  Congrats!!"  All I could manage was a thumbs up...  How in the world she figured that out I do not know.  How did she know I didn't have a stomach bug?? I mean it was 8 o'clock at night.

Anyway, during all this craziness, sweet, sweet Hannah is so confused.  She's asking Ryan what's wrong and why the baby is sick..not why I am sick but why the baby is sick. :):)  She had the most concerned looked and kept rubbing my back saying it would be ok. 

I hate for her to see me that way but we explained to her a few things and she seemed to understand.  She kept asking me if I needed anything...she's going to be such a great Big Sister!!

Otherwise, it's been pretty calm for the 10th week.  Not much going on...just patiently waiting for the first trimester to be over.. only two more weeks!!

I have lost 9 pounds but can tell my belly is rounding a bit.  I sure am ready to start eating like a pregnant women. ;)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Daddy's Day!

Happy Father's Day to all the Amazing Dad's out there!!

I have the best dad in the world!:

Little Hannah and Little Bun have the best daddy too!:

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


very, very ill
That is all I know these days.  I have been pretty absent from the social networking world due to lack of energy.  If I'm not at work and desperatly wishing I was at home then I am vomiting or asleep.

Last week I had two migraines.. one on Tuesday and one on Saturday.. those are the WORST.  I did get some meds from my doctor to take if I feel one coming on again. 

I believe I have thrown up atleast once a day for the past week or two.  If I'm not 'getting sick' then I'm not eating because I'm too afraid of getting sick.  I have been living off saltine crackers and ginger ale.  Very tired of both.

I have thrown up on the side of the road the past two days in a row now.  I'm too the point of not wanting to leave my house but that's not possible with a full time job.

I have lost 8 pounds as of this morning since finding out I was pregnant.  Hopefully, the baby is getting all the goodies and I'm the one lacking.  I sure don't want the baby to be lacking anything that he/she needs.

I think I could be a lot worse so I should be thankful but I am still feeling very, very under the weather.

Does anyone have any suggestions that helped them out?!? 

I have gotten LOTS of advice that I truly appreciate and have tried.  I am sipping gatorade and/or ginger ale pretty much all day.  I munch on saltine crackers all day.  A coworker told me that grilled cheese is all she could eat so I had one from Sonic tonight and was able to finish it and so far it hasn't made it's way to my toilet or trash can yet. (thats a miracle!) I'm still taking Emerol like crazy.

My biggest fear is becoming dehydrated and having to go get an IV in the hospital. (As you now know I am deathly afraid of needles.) Of course, I would do it in a heart beat to keep my baby safe but I would rather just try to stay hydrated on my own. ;)

All I keep thinking to myself is...'This too shall pass.'  Unfortuantly, I'm only creeping up on 10 weeks so I'm afraid it isn't going to be sooner than later. Sheesh.

It will ALL be worth it in the end though.  To see and hold that sweet little baby will make all this nonsense so pointless!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Prego Mumbo Jumbo - Week 9

I am 9 weeks pregnant with sweet little bun today!  
We have had a pretty eventful week and I will be glad to have the weekend off to rest. ;)

I went home Tuesday afternoon from work with a severe migraine accompanied with vomiting.  It was zero fun.  I have had migraines in the past and the ONLY thing that helps is some serious medication.  Well, my pregnant self could only have two tylenols per my doctor...ouch.  My migraine lasted until Wednesday morning (with more vomiting) but finally faded to a dull headache by Wednesday afternoon.

**This is where I would like to give a BIG shout out to my sweet mommy for taking great care of me.  I can only hope to be HALF the mom she is.**

Since Wednesday night I have felt pretty good.  Living off soup, saltines, and gatorade for the most part.  I DID get some mexican food in this week AND kept it down! 
I have lost 5 pounds total since I found out I was pregnant.

I have a super sensitive, weak stomach lately.  I can hear or see or think about something that is SLIGHTLY gross and I'm done for!  Let me give you an example:  The other day I was laying on the couch with my trash can by my head for safety purposes.  Ryan walked by and spit in my trash can.  I said, "GROSS! Why did you do that??" He says (trying to be cute), "Atleast it wasn't a snot rocket." CUE GAGGING. I started going at it for atleast 5 minutes with him rubbing my back saying, "OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH I am soo sorry...I was just playing with you!" Yeeeeeea Hunny, Thanks. ;)

---Sorry if that story was a little much...haha---

Anyways, I am very excited to be 9 weeks! One more week and I will be in the double digits! Although I have lost 5 pounds I feel like my stomach is getting more round and sticking out more.  Ryan swears it isn't and most the books I read say it won't until like 14 weeks?? ..but I think it is. ;)

Little Bun got some pretty sweet gifts this week. Of course everything is unisex for now so the clothes we can get are pretty limited.  I'm afraid to see what happens when we know the sex! Spoiled much?!

His/Her Poppy and Grammy T (that's my stepdad and mom) got this:

They ride Harley's....can you tell??  My baby is going to be DECKED out in Harley gear for sure -- this is JUST the beginning. ;)  The top onesie is red although it's hard to tell in the picture and these booties are sooo teeny tiny!! I looooove them!

I got Little Bun and Daddy and lil something something too.  It was supposed to be for Father's Day but I have a SERIOUS issue with keeping surprises. 

It's a matching Led Zeppelin Onesie and T-Shirt!!! Sooo cute!!! Ryan LOVED it.  I think their going to look sooo cute in their matching outfits. ;) (Ryan loves Led Zeppelin.. one of his fav bands.)

I guess that is all for this week...

I hope you have a fantastic weekend!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Snowcones??? Yes, Please!

Yaaaay for Snowcones!  I hate summer.  I really do... I can't stand the heat... I can't stand bathing suits (hehe).... I can't stand sweating.  I just hate the summer.  Now...if I lived up North I might actually like it...but Texas humidity and 115 degree weather is not my friend.

But BOY do I love SNOWCONES!! Ooh why can't we have them year round??  I am willing to bet anyone that my city has the best snow cone stand in America. 

I don't have a favorite flavor...I eat them all...but I do LOVE Sour Green Apple with an extra shot of Eye Popper Topper. Mmmmmm.

This past weekend Ryan, Hannah and I went to get some snowcones -- pretty sure that will turn into a every weekend thing.

 Hannah got Pink Bubblegum...I got Blue Raspberry...Ryan got Tiger's Blood!

Excuse the ugliness -- Hannah thought my blue lips, teeth and tongue were HILARIOUS so she just HAD to take a pic! HaHa

Ryan told Hannah that when he was a kid they would put a real piece of bubblegum at the bottom of the bubblegum flavored snowcones.  You can imagine her disapointment when she didn't have one!! Thanks Dad! ;)

Monday, June 6, 2011

Summer Swimming

Hannah finally got to do a little swimming this past weekend.  I wish more than anything we had a pool of our own but not day!

Last year we were at the apartments so we had two pools to choose from which she really enjoyed. I do plan on getting one of these little babies within the next week or so:
That should get us through the summer.  Since it's just us three -- it looks like we can fit in their leisurly and then when it's Hannah by herself she can do some playing in it!

This past weekend we went over to a friends house who was having a crawfish boil.  They set out a slip-n-slide and pool for the kiddos to keep cool in.

Hannah had a blast!

 So did Ryan.... Haha.

It looked liked fun but it looked like it hurt too! She was busting it left and right but would get right back up and try again!

After we left this lil party we went to get S N O W C O N E S but that's a post in itself! ;)

Hannah's Graduation!

Lil' Hannah graduated Kindergarten this past week!  I cannot believe she is going to be in the 1st grade.  Time sure does fly!

The ceremony was so much fun and she did such a good job.  Her class sang 'God Bless America' and did sign language to it as well.

She is directly in the center -- she's the short one!

As soon as she walked in she spotted me and looked at me the WHOLE time. She kept waving and smiling at me. She is too sweet!

Hannah also got a trophy for being "Word Wall Wizard" which means she learned ALL of her 100 sight words! So proud of her for that.  Trust me...we worked REALLY hard.

She's the one in the middle of these pics also.  She kept smiling real big and putting the trophy in front of her face for me to take a picture! HaHa.

She then went on stage to get her diploma...and officially became a Kindergarten Graduate!!!  

Excuse my awful camera.  I did the best I could!

Daddy and Biggy are so proud of you Hannah! You worked so hard this past year and it paid off! We know you're going to do amazing in the first grade and we are so proud of the beautiful, sweet, lil lady you are growing up to be! We love you so much!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Prego Mumbo Jumbo - Week 8!

Well, my oh my, I am officially 8 weeks pregnant with Little Bun!!

I have been dancing around week 8 for two weeks now! I thought I was farther than I really was, so I had already thought I was 8 weeks, then I found out I wouldn't be 8 weeks until today. (Confusing, I know!)

I'm just happy to have made it this far.  It has been a bumpy 2 month ride but I am hanging in there the best I know how.  I am just SUPER thankful to be pregnant and to know I have a little baby on the way!

Only 7 more months to go! ;) Some say my baby is the size of a kidney bean...or about 1 inch long!
All in all, it's been an okay week.  I have been very, very tired and have taken a nap 6 out of the past 7 days.  I only cooked dinner one night and did dishes one night.. the laundry has not been touched -- I'm neglecting my poor husband, I know. He is probably starving, using dirty dishes and wearing dirty clothes! :(

Emetrol, sprite and crackers have been my new best friend this week.   Although I don't have much vomiting... the nausea has been severe.  I have lost 2 or 3 pounds this week simply because I cannot stand the thought, smell, or sight of MOST foods.

I definitly can tell a difference the past few days in me being able to eat more.  I'm sure I'll gain the weight right back.

Is it normal that all I think about and worry about is the birth?? I'm like ok.. I have to have an IV..SUCKS... I may have to have a big shot in my back.. SUCKS..I may have to have a C-section...SUCKS.. It's really stupid but I cant stop thinking about the birth that is 7 months away!! I'm such a worry wart.

I realize I'm only 8 weeks but I swear my belly is getting rounder.  Even with me not eating much.. I feel like my pants are getting tighter around the belly area.   I personally don't care because I want a big ol' pregnant belly but um...I wanna look like I'm 2 months not 6! ;)

I have been doing some serious shopping for Little Bun.  I haven't bought anything...just a unisex onesie (which I will post next week b/c I have a surprise to go along with it but it hasn't come in the mail yet!)..but I have picked out LOTS of stuff I want.  Cribs, changing tables, bath things, just all kinds of cool stuff that I probably don't need but I want. (Of course I need a crib but you know what I mean.)

I guess that's about it for this week.  I read and hear that my mood will probably get better starting this next week and that in 4 weeks I should feel like a completly new that excites me!  Always nice to have something good to look forward too....well besides the precious bundle of joy I'll get to love on!!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Yes, that is what I feel like.  A big fat pile of poo.

It is so frustrating and I want, so bad, to be positive and feel good and happy and loving this time in my life but it just isn't happening.

Besides the normal nausea that has been hitting me ridiculously hard for the past week.. I have been having anxiety issues.

Anxiety is WORSE than nausea.. seriously.

I am dizzy, I feel like getting in my bed and never leaving, I feel like death.  I have had anxiety issues since high school and have been on a medication for the past 8 years that does wonders for me! It works so well for me but of course, it cannot be taken during pregnancy.

This leaves me with a weak, no working anxiety pill that does me no good.  Therefore, I am eat up with anxiety 24/7.  Seriously horrible.

Why me? That's right... I'm at why me. It's SO annoying and frustrating and I just want it to go away and I just want to be normal!!!!

I'm sure EVERYONE around me is tired of hearing me complain about how crappy I feel.  So you can join the club too! Haha.

I just want to be a happy, fun pregnant women!! Is that too much to ask?!?!

Ok, I'm done ranting...

Have a good rest of the week! HaHa.