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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Spring Expo/Guitar String Jewelry

Good Sunday Morning!!

Yesterday, two of my friends and I participated in a craft show at Hannah's school.

We had a really good time and were pretty successful! We all had some different stuff for sale... mine was Guitar String Jewelry. My sweet friend, Lindsey, came up with the idea and we have been making bracelets and earrings ever since! They are suuuuper cute, if I can say so myself.

This is the guitar string bracelets...they can be thick or thin...bronze, gold, or silver.

Their super cute when you stack them like bangles.

The wrapping on the back can also be bronze, gold or silver....I like to mix it up a bit.

We make the bracelets all different sizes depending on you wrist size. I even made one for Hannah! Soooo cute!

The earrings are pretty awesome too. I love the bigger hoops...

Pretty neat-o, huh?!?! For our Spring Expo...since it was our first show...we had special pricing. $10 each for the bracelets or 3 for $25 and $12 each for the earrings.

I will carry that price on to you guys too!! annnnd I will ship to you for free!! Let me know if you are interested!

Have a fantastic Sunday! ;)

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