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Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I fall in love more and more with my husband every single day. It's just unbelievable to me the things he does for others without even thinking twice about it. He has taught me SO much about helping others and being selfless in my daily actions.

Last night we went to a convienant store to get gas and a drink. I ran inside while he pumped the gas. As I was a coming out, there was a gentleman standing beside Ryan as he was pumping gas in our car.

Ryan yelled across the parking lot, "Get in the car." (or so I thought.) I said, "What?!" My immediate thought was 'OMG, we're getting robbed or something. Ryan wants me to get in the car so I can't hear or see what's about to happen!' My heart hit the pavement.

Ryan said again, "Move the car." I said, "Oh..ok." So, I got in the driver seat and moved the car up to a parking spot. (I learned a long time ago to never doubt what my husband tells me to do. In a situation where I don't feel comfortable, I do what he says because I know it's for my safety.)

As I watched in the rear view mirror, this man standing by Ryan gets in his car and pulls it up to the same pump we were using. Ryan then starts filling his car up with gas. I was like hmmmm... ok.

Ryan then comes and gets in the car and tells me that this guy came up to him... said he didn't have any money... needed some change to get gas. Ryan told him he would just pump some gas into his car since he didn't carry cash with him. (which is true) The man was very excited and thanked Ryan multiple times.

I would have handled the situation so differenlty and that's why I want to learn so much more from my amazing husband. I would've probably had very ugly thoughts about this guy and his intentions and would have told him that I couldn't help him out. Ryan is so different than me though. He doesn't like to just hand cash to people on the streets because your never really know what they are going to do with it, but helping someone out by getting them gas or food is a total different story.

Although we don't have tons of money, we still have to remember to help others. This guy may have really had some problems and this little gesture that Ryan did could have made a big difference in this mans life. On the other hand, (my negative hand), the guy could have more money than us and just be using people. But I like to think we did a good service for someone last night...and put a smile on someone's face.

I realize this little bit of gas we put into a mans car is NOT that big of deal...but it really shows me how thoughtful and caring my husband is because I'm sure MANY people have blowed this guy off...saying he's a bum and needs to get a job. But, that's not for us to judge, we are to treat our neighbors how we want to be treated... and I know if I was in a predicament at a gas station with no money or no gas... I would want someone to help me too.

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Jess said...

Wow... can I just say that this made me cry?? Ryan has one of the biggest hearts of anyone I have ever known. You are a very lucky woman Hanna. And I feel lucky to have him as my brother-in-law... This inspires me to look for more good in a not so good world. :-) Love you both so much!!