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Friday, May 20, 2011

It's been awhile...

What a week. Could not be happier it is FRIDAY!! Yay!

Work has been insane. So, so busy. Which is always good, of course, but hard on my feet, back, and brain! ;)

One good thing is.. I get to go to Tamolly's today! Only the best Mexican restuarant EVER! I haven't had mexican in a few weeks because the two times I did have it.. I got sick. So I sure am praying for a yummy lunch with no side effects. HaHa.

Speaking of, has it been crazy. I feel like I have been complaining a lot and I really want to stay clear of that (the best I can) so I won't do it to you guys. I absolutly love that I am pregnant and am so excited to have a baby but I don't think my body is agreeing quite yet. It shall come around I am sure! Staying positive is the best medicine for me at this point.. and praying.

Apparently, my anxiety issues are going to be giving me some problems so that is never fun. I have done lots of research and talked to many people..doctors, nurses, family, internet, I'm hoping I can take care of this soon.

I should start my 7th week this coming week. (As far as I can tell..not confirmed by doctor yet.) I haven't gained any weight...which I don't think you are supposed to yet!..but I have been eating A LOT. I should probably slow down on that.

Ryan starts a new job soon which super excites me! He has worked every single Saturday for over a year.. from 8 to 5.. ridiculous!! Now...he gets to be off every single Saturday!! Yay! He gets more time we Hannah and I and the new baby when he/she arrives. Plus..he gets two days off in a row which will be better for him. Oh, and he got a raise. Win/Win!

I guess that is all there is going on in my life at this point. Nothing too exciting to phone home about. ;)

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