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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hey BayBay

Ryan and I are so ecstatic over all the support and love we have been shown since finding out we were going to be parents (again.) We feel very blessed and appreciate every word, thought, prayer, and smile we have received. Our family and friends truly seem happy and excited for us.

I talk about being pregnant and 'little bun' constantly. I think it gets on Ryan's nerves! Haha. I'm just soooo overwhelmed with so many feelings I don't know what to think! I asked him if I was annoying him with all the baby talk... he said no, not really. So sweet ('cause I can tell I am!)

I'm probably going to get on y'alls last nerve too but surely you will understand. I mean...when you first found out you were pregnant...with your first baby....weren't you freaking out too!??! ;) I'm going to try and NOT turn my blog in to 'All Things Baby' buuuut I can't promise anything! Hehe.

I did go to my doctor's office yesterday just to get a blood test ran. I am a little concerned with the doctor I chose. My regular doctor has stopped delivering babies so I had to change to someone else in her practice. They let me choose..and I just said the only other 'lady' doctor in the clinic because that is what I am more comfortable with. They said after a positive home pregnancy test she doesn't allow for blood pregnancy test. I was like ooook well I want one and I'm paying for it and I want to know my HCG levels soooo what's the problem?? She doesn't have to 'waste' her time seeing me...I just have to go to the lab and get my blood drawn. Maybe there is a good explanation for this?? I really didn't understand it myself??

Anyways, they told me to come in yesterday at noon and I got my blood drawn. I have a death defying fear of needles -- no clue why -- just do. Getting my blood drawn doesn't HURT it just makes me sick. I get queasy and dizzy and faint feeling. I faint sometimes but not yesterday! I was strong... ok, I laid out on the floor with my legs up and wet paper towels on my head... but I didn't faint!! (I'm in big trouble, I know!)

The lab lady told me I could leave when I felt better and never really told me anything else. I called about 5 hours later and was transferred to voicemail. Haven't heard anything today. I don't want to bother my doctor or nurse (who I've never met) but I do want to know my HCG levels!!! I'm an annoying patient, I know. I guess I could just wait until my first appointment on June 2nd to find all this information out but I.HAVE.NO.PATIENCE. Hahaha! Tough luck, right?!

On to the good news, you say?!? Well, Ryan, Little Bun, and I got a package in the mail today!! Sooo fun!! My big sister, Aunt Jessica, sent us a little gift.

Isn't that sooo sweet?!?! I just love it so much and CANNOT wait to find out if it is going to a boy or a girl. Haha

Happy Tuesday...hope your have a fab week!! ;)

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Jessica said...

First off, congratulations!!!!! Second, CALM DOWN :)! JK. It's completely natural to be super excited. Just remember that it's a marathon, not a sprint so conserve as much energy as possible. It seems to me that you should find another doctor. You will be seeing her a LOT over the next 9 (overwhelming and emotional) months and you want someone who is supportive of you and your choices and makes you feel comfortable and reassured. You have plenty of time to shop around. Can't wait to see you all in a couple of weeks (Memorial Day weekend).