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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dreaming, Planning, Thinking

I feel like my mind is on a constant rollercoaster. I'm always thinking...and planning...and wondering...and wishing...and dreaming....

I am very impatient. Very. If you knew me for only a few minutes you would see this. Ryan reminds me, oh so often, that 'Patients is a Virtue' and I don't have it. ;)

So, you can only imagine how IMPATIENT I am with baby stuff. I want to know the sex, I want to have a name, I want to know what I'm decorating the nursery in, I want to know when the baby will be here, I want to know if he/she is going to be healthy and happy, I want to know EVERYTHING. And I want to know them NOW, I don't want to wait.

I always try to remind myself that SURELY I'm not the only mom-to-be that does this and that I should enjoy this wonderful time of bonding with my baby in my belly. Don't get me wrong -- I am enjoying it VERY much but I feel like I am rushing it and I definitly don't want to do that. I want to meet my baby and hold my baby but I also want to let little bun cook in this oven for a LOOONG time so he/she can be super ready for the big day!

While I'm concentrating on being more patient... I have began shopping. My mom says to sloooow down there is PLENTY of time but I can't help myself! I've been looking at cribs and clothes and diaper bags and decorations and toys and anything else I can think of! I, of course, look at gender neutral stuff but have noticed I lean more towards girly stuff. Is that a sign? And when I talk about the baby to others I say 'she.' Even though I am pushing for a boy, I still reference all this girl stuff, so it makes me wonder!! Of course, I would be completly thrilled with either a boy or girl..or both..yes, I would LOVE to have twins. ;)

This week is week 7 and I have noticed a tad more nausea than usual. This doesn't set with me well! I keep thinking I'm going to make it through this without vomiting but it's not looking good right now (wishful thinking, huh?)

Tuesday is my first OB appointment, which I'm sure I have only mentioned 100 times! I am very excited and PATIENTLY waiting. ;) I'm ready to get a due date and see my sweet baby and get this show on the road. It's almost hard to "feel" pregnant when you haven't spoken with a doctor about ANYTHING! I've read books and have been following those rules but I would rather have a doctor to talk to.

I will take my first prego picture Tuesday night and do my first 'official' prego post. At this point we will know EXACTLY how far along I am so it won't be any I have been doing. This way I can get on track and get busy documenting this awesome experience!! I secretly pray that I am farther along than I think (the whole impatient thing) because I think I would DIE if he told me I was only 3 weeks or something!! HaHa. (not possible)

I guess that is enough rambling for one night -- I will totally understand if I lose followers -- I know I am boring with my prego mumbo jumbo (hmm that MIGHT just be my prego post title!) I can honestly say there is never much else on my mind and isn't that what this lil' bloggy is for?!

Have a Wonderful and Safe Holiday Weekend!!

May God Bless You and Yours.


Sarah said...

Hi! I read you on google reader, so I never comment. Congrats on your pregnancy, and enjoy every second. It goes by so fast. Hope the appointment goes well!

Smile Steady said...

I'm so sorry your nausea is picking up...

I actually threw up again last night for the first time in a few weeks- and I'll be 14 weeks this weekend. Hang on, though, I promise it does get better!