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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Colored Guitar Strings

I ordered some colored guitar strings off of Ebay almost a month ago and I finally received some of them in the mail today!! Apparently, they were shipped from Hong Kong, which is why they took so long, and I honestly forgot all about them so it was a pleasant surprise. ;)

I ordered them to make more guitar string bracelets and earrings. I made a blue bracelet, green bracelet, and red/gold bracelet tonight. I posted them on my Etsy account as you can see to the right. I'm still waiting to make a sale on Etsy..I pray one day I will. I think my bracelets are cute so surely someone else out there does to!! I wear a silver, gold and bronze one everyday together and I think its a cute combo.

Ryan's favorite color is green (as was our wedding color) and these green strings are sooo bright and pretty! I secretly plan on making Ryan, me, Little Hannah, and Little Bun all matching green guitar string bracelets in about 8 months. Haha. Won't that be super cute!!!??? (FYI: I do make mens but they are thicker to make them look more manly.)

Anyway... here is some pictures of what I've have been working on...

I like how some are thick and some are thin. Paired together with gold or silver bracelets makes them look really cool. You could have on like 10 bracelets at a time -- some blue, green, and silvers and it would look super fab. IJS. ;)

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