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Friday, May 13, 2011

Big Sis

Thursday night we finally got to tell Hannah the big news! I was pretty nervous about telling her because I wasn't too positive as to how she was going to react.

I knew she was going to be happy because she has said several times that she wants a baby sister or brother. She is just so laid back like her Dad I was worried she would be like ok cool ... moving on ... and I really wanted her to be super excited like we were!

I gave her a present with a shirt in it that said "I'm A Big Sister" and a rainbow streamer.

She got the shirt out and started to read it. She stumbled a bit on "sister" but eventually read the whole thing. She looked up at Ryan and he said, "Do you know what that means?" and she said, "No!" He said, "Biggy and I are going to have a baby. She has a baby in her tummy right now!"

This was her reaction as soon as Ryan said the words. She said "Yaaaaaaay!!!!" and started jumping up and down and screaming and clapping her hands! It was the sweetest and cutest thing EVER! She was truly excited about the news. She said, "I always wanted a baby brother or sister!" ;)
We then went outside to play with her new streamer. She brought up the baby THREE more times throughout the night. First, she told me she wanted it to be a baby girl. She wanted to feed her a bottle, play dress up, and rock her to sleep. BUT she wanted daddy to change all the dirty diapers!!

When we went to get dinner she asked what names I liked. I told her I didn't have any picked out yet but I sure could use some ideas... She said, "Well, I like Jenna and Brinna." Very pretty I must say!
After dinner, we played some more outside and she was running around singing, "I'm gonna have a sister, I'm gonna have a sister." Hehe. I explained to her we didn't know if it was going to be a sister or brother yet..but that she was going to be a Big Sister!! I think she is a little confused on that.

Today was Hannah's track and field day at her school. We had such a blast and she did too! As soon as we arrived her teacher ran up to us to congratulate us on the big news....said Hannah was telling everyone at school. ;)

It makes me so happy to see how excited she is. I cannot wait for her to be a big, sweet sister because I know she is going to do SUCH a fantastic job. I am soooo thrilled that she is thrilled!


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Katie @ Modern-Day Family said...

so cute! how exciting for Hannah!! well and your whole growing family!