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Sunday, May 22, 2011

7 Week Food.

My mom and Ryan have been making fun of me the past week or so because all I can think about is dang food. It must just be all in my head.. I mean do all pregnant women do this?! At 7 weeks?!

I am craving everything... Everything sounds good... Everything taste good... I can't get enough... It. is. ridiculous.

We drove to New Boston today to take Hannah home and on the way there and back I told Ryan I wanted sushi, fried chicken, and mexican food. I didn't even realize it... he had to point it out.

I haven't gained any weight which is a complete miracle! I say I want all these foods but I don't actually get them. ;) I did have a pizza, popcorn, candy party the other night which I think I mentioned in my last post.

A lot of the time I get realllly reallllly hungry and then eat a small meal and am realllly realllly full. It's crazy. I have been eating 2 scrambeled eggs and milk for breakfast and tuna straight out of the pouch (nothing added) with crackers for lunch. So I think that's the main reason I'm not gaining any weight just yet. If I don't watch myself it's going to creap up on my pretty fast though, because at night...whoa! :/

Anyways, I wanted to document my favorite things at my 7 week mark to see if anything changes.

Sour Candy! Mmmmm.

Tuna. Everyday for lunch! So good.
PB&J Crackers. Soooo good with Milk!

Mexican food. Of any kind. Yummy.

Eggs. Boiled or Scrambeled.

Milk, Milk and more Milk.

Popcorn. Buttery, Salty Popcorn. O M G.

And now I'm starving. Headed to pop some corn! ;)

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Jenni said...

watch out on Tuna...has a lot of mercury...Not really sure the recommended amount! :) sorry its the nurse in me!