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Lilypie Maternity tickers

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

First Doc Appt!

I finally had my first OB doctors appointment today. I felt like I waited 10 years for it to come!

It was the best, most amazing experience! I actually cannot wait to go back...and I've NEVER said that about a doctor visit before. HaHa.

We got to find out LOTS of info on sweet Little Bun and even got a SNEAK PEEK!

The Facts:

I thought I was 8 week and 2 days pregnant today but it turns out I am 7 weeks and 4 days. Not too bad! (Atleast he didn't tell me I was only 3 weeks! HaHa.)

My due date is January 13, 2012.

Little Bun has a rapid heartbeat and looked absolutly beautiful if I may say so myself!

We will get to hear the heartbeat next visit which is in 5 more weeks, July 6, 2011.

As everyone is aware, I am DEATHLY afraid of getting my blood drawn. Well, good news! The nurse was AMAZING, I didn't feel a thing! I am so proud of myself.. I stayed upright.. no laying down, no fainting, no wet rag needed! ;)

I have the BEST doctor ever. We are SO happy with our decision and I think this is going to be a very smooth ride with him by our side.

With no further delay.... introducing to you.... LITTLE BUN!

Ahhhhh. Isn't he/she beautiful!?!?! ;)

Doctor said bun was measuring at a little less than 1/2 a inch. Teanie Tiny Baby!

I'm already a proud Mama!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dreaming, Planning, Thinking

I feel like my mind is on a constant rollercoaster. I'm always thinking...and planning...and wondering...and wishing...and dreaming....

I am very impatient. Very. If you knew me for only a few minutes you would see this. Ryan reminds me, oh so often, that 'Patients is a Virtue' and I don't have it. ;)

So, you can only imagine how IMPATIENT I am with baby stuff. I want to know the sex, I want to have a name, I want to know what I'm decorating the nursery in, I want to know when the baby will be here, I want to know if he/she is going to be healthy and happy, I want to know EVERYTHING. And I want to know them NOW, I don't want to wait.

I always try to remind myself that SURELY I'm not the only mom-to-be that does this and that I should enjoy this wonderful time of bonding with my baby in my belly. Don't get me wrong -- I am enjoying it VERY much but I feel like I am rushing it and I definitly don't want to do that. I want to meet my baby and hold my baby but I also want to let little bun cook in this oven for a LOOONG time so he/she can be super ready for the big day!

While I'm concentrating on being more patient... I have began shopping. My mom says to sloooow down there is PLENTY of time but I can't help myself! I've been looking at cribs and clothes and diaper bags and decorations and toys and anything else I can think of! I, of course, look at gender neutral stuff but have noticed I lean more towards girly stuff. Is that a sign? And when I talk about the baby to others I say 'she.' Even though I am pushing for a boy, I still reference all this girl stuff, so it makes me wonder!! Of course, I would be completly thrilled with either a boy or girl..or both..yes, I would LOVE to have twins. ;)

This week is week 7 and I have noticed a tad more nausea than usual. This doesn't set with me well! I keep thinking I'm going to make it through this without vomiting but it's not looking good right now (wishful thinking, huh?)

Tuesday is my first OB appointment, which I'm sure I have only mentioned 100 times! I am very excited and PATIENTLY waiting. ;) I'm ready to get a due date and see my sweet baby and get this show on the road. It's almost hard to "feel" pregnant when you haven't spoken with a doctor about ANYTHING! I've read books and have been following those rules but I would rather have a doctor to talk to.

I will take my first prego picture Tuesday night and do my first 'official' prego post. At this point we will know EXACTLY how far along I am so it won't be any I have been doing. This way I can get on track and get busy documenting this awesome experience!! I secretly pray that I am farther along than I think (the whole impatient thing) because I think I would DIE if he told me I was only 3 weeks or something!! HaHa. (not possible)

I guess that is enough rambling for one night -- I will totally understand if I lose followers -- I know I am boring with my prego mumbo jumbo (hmm that MIGHT just be my prego post title!) I can honestly say there is never much else on my mind and isn't that what this lil' bloggy is for?!

Have a Wonderful and Safe Holiday Weekend!!

May God Bless You and Yours.

Ugh you blogger!

Ok... I can't comment on ANYONE'S post!! And, I'm like, comment queen. I comment on dang near every post I read.

What is your issue Blogger?!?!

Is their anyone else out there having this problem???

I can write the comment and then when I push 'post comment' it ask what profile I want to use -- I hit 'google account' -- and then it ask me to log back into blogger -- I do that and it takes me back to the comment page and does it ALLLLL over again.

I. dont. get. it.

I tried to log out of blogger completly and start over but it won't even let me log out!!

Uuuughhhh you blogger!

Monday, May 23, 2011

It's Official.

I have a sick obsession with Etsy. That is all there is too it. I have given my husband permission to block the website from our computer because I physically cannot stay off of it! Their is sooo much stuff that is soooo adorable... I cannot help myself. ;)

This is what I found just this morning...










OMG! Isn't this stuff to die for?! ;)


Sunday, May 22, 2011

7 Week Food.

My mom and Ryan have been making fun of me the past week or so because all I can think about is dang food. It must just be all in my head.. I mean do all pregnant women do this?! At 7 weeks?!

I am craving everything... Everything sounds good... Everything taste good... I can't get enough... It. is. ridiculous.

We drove to New Boston today to take Hannah home and on the way there and back I told Ryan I wanted sushi, fried chicken, and mexican food. I didn't even realize it... he had to point it out.

I haven't gained any weight which is a complete miracle! I say I want all these foods but I don't actually get them. ;) I did have a pizza, popcorn, candy party the other night which I think I mentioned in my last post.

A lot of the time I get realllly reallllly hungry and then eat a small meal and am realllly realllly full. It's crazy. I have been eating 2 scrambeled eggs and milk for breakfast and tuna straight out of the pouch (nothing added) with crackers for lunch. So I think that's the main reason I'm not gaining any weight just yet. If I don't watch myself it's going to creap up on my pretty fast though, because at night...whoa! :/

Anyways, I wanted to document my favorite things at my 7 week mark to see if anything changes.

Sour Candy! Mmmmm.

Tuna. Everyday for lunch! So good.
PB&J Crackers. Soooo good with Milk!

Mexican food. Of any kind. Yummy.

Eggs. Boiled or Scrambeled.

Milk, Milk and more Milk.

Popcorn. Buttery, Salty Popcorn. O M G.

And now I'm starving. Headed to pop some corn! ;)

Friday, May 20, 2011

It's been awhile...

What a week. Could not be happier it is FRIDAY!! Yay!

Work has been insane. So, so busy. Which is always good, of course, but hard on my feet, back, and brain! ;)

One good thing is.. I get to go to Tamolly's today! Only the best Mexican restuarant EVER! I haven't had mexican in a few weeks because the two times I did have it.. I got sick. So I sure am praying for a yummy lunch with no side effects. HaHa.

Speaking of, has it been crazy. I feel like I have been complaining a lot and I really want to stay clear of that (the best I can) so I won't do it to you guys. I absolutly love that I am pregnant and am so excited to have a baby but I don't think my body is agreeing quite yet. It shall come around I am sure! Staying positive is the best medicine for me at this point.. and praying.

Apparently, my anxiety issues are going to be giving me some problems so that is never fun. I have done lots of research and talked to many people..doctors, nurses, family, internet, I'm hoping I can take care of this soon.

I should start my 7th week this coming week. (As far as I can tell..not confirmed by doctor yet.) I haven't gained any weight...which I don't think you are supposed to yet!..but I have been eating A LOT. I should probably slow down on that.

Ryan starts a new job soon which super excites me! He has worked every single Saturday for over a year.. from 8 to 5.. ridiculous!! Now...he gets to be off every single Saturday!! Yay! He gets more time we Hannah and I and the new baby when he/she arrives. Plus..he gets two days off in a row which will be better for him. Oh, and he got a raise. Win/Win!

I guess that is all there is going on in my life at this point. Nothing too exciting to phone home about. ;)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Polish Swap!

A few weeks ago I linked up with the fab Jennifer at 'Life as a Jane Doe' for her Spring Nail Polish Swap!!

I was paired up with the super cool Kimberly at 'Follow Your Heart' and we both agreed we wanted fun, funky, bright colors!

Well...I got my package today and boy did Kimberly deliver!! She got me some pretty awesome shades and I can't wait to try them out. There were 4 in the package....

...but only 3 made it to me because one BUSTED! Boo. ;( The package said it was busted during delivery. That's ok though because I still love the three I got! Aren't they gorgeous?!

I totally can't decide which one to wear first!! This picture doesn't do them justice because I have the WORST camera on earth. They are all super vibrant and bright and I LOVE THEM!! Thank you Jennifer and Kimberly!!

Hope everyone has a great week. ;) (dang, I just re-read this post --- could I sound anymore excited?? haha..its the little things)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Happy Happy, Joy Joy!

Happy Saturday you guys! Hope everyone is having a great start to their weekend. I know I am. ;) I have been unexplainably happy since I found out we were pregnant and not much can get me down at this point. I think a light bulb came on and I realized I'm about to be a mom!! A real live 24/7 mom and it is making me beam! (Enough w/ the sappy stuff...which I am FULL of at this point.) I have a few things to catch up on so here we go...

--- I finally got my results back from the blood work I had. The nurse said I was definilty pregnant and as of Monday, May 9th I was 5 weeks along. It is not a guarantee that I am 5 weeks... but with my hCG levels that was the best they could tell. I could be further along. (You may be wondering why I don't know how far along I am, but I was having some lady issues in the beginning so I honestly don't know the date of conception.)

Anyways, when I have my ultrasound done on June 9th (yes, it was pushed back a week because I changed doctors) then I will FINALLY have an official due date! But, as of now, I'm sticking with being 5 weeks... therefore I'm coming up on being 6 weeks pregnant! When I say that I feel like I have a looooong way to go. ;( But, I don't care, I'm going to enjoy every second of it.

I can say.. that I am ready to look like this...

Is that weird?! HaHa...I wanna have a big ol' belly with a sweet lil' baby inside! ;)

--- I have still been reading my "What to Expect When Expecting Book" but haven't really experienced very much of what they are talking about at this point. I'm on "The Second Month" and have a few of the symptoms but not too many. (NO COMPLAINTS HERE!) Physically, I have noticed I get really tired really fast, have a little bit of nausea and I have to take frequent potty breaks but that is about it! Emotionally, I have noticed I get upset quicker and irritable quicker and Ryan might say I have mood swings but I don't think so! I am pretty pleased so far with how I am feeling... I just pray it doesn't change. HaHa ;)

--- Funny pregnant story: Ryan and I were riding down the road and I saw this really pretty tree. I told Ryan I thought the color of the leaves were so pretty and that I truly liked that tree. And IMMEDIATLY started crying... because the tree was so pretty... ?? Odd. Even weirder I dried it up in like 30 seconds and you couldn't even tell I cried! Oh sweet hormones.

--- Tonight we are going to Pie Works in Shreveport with my family. I am super excited because I heard it was really good and PIZZA is my new thing!! (Y'all, my poor waistline..oh boy.) Apparently, you create your own pizza out of a bunch of ingrediants which super excites me.

We went to Timothy's a few night ago with Ryan's family and I had the "Godfather" pizza. It has alfredo sauce, spinach, mushrooms, ham and sausage and MY GOODNESS it is good!

--- I made some new earrings yesterday that I think are pretty cool! I have been playing around with the guitar strings I have when I get bored. Considering I have a full time job I don't have much time to make things but it's pretty relaxing to create stuff when I do have the free time and plus I get to wear some fun earrings! ;)
--- Since I got pregnant I, of course, can no longer take the Advocare Trim products that I was on to lose weight but there are still some products that I can use. Today I ordered Spark and Rehydrate for Ryan and I.

Spark is a nutritional energy drink... it has some caffeine in it..which is ok in small amounts for my pregnant self, and considering I am a caffienaholic I do get headaches if I don't have ATLEAST a little bit. It gives me just enough to be safe. I do not plan on drinking it everyday because I realize I have to cut back on my caffiene but a scoop or half scoop every other day shouldn't be a problem!
The website says that Spark:
1) provides nutrition for the body and brain
2) helps prolong energy to the brain for enhanced focus and sustained mental energy
3) helps prolong energy to muscles for longer and more intense workouts (which I will NOT be doing, haha, I have been walking on my treadmill daily for about 20 to 25 minutes at a brisk pace.)
4) includes antioxidants shown to protect brain and body function, especially during high stress periods

Rehydrate is a lot like Gatorade but without the added sugar! It replenishs lost fluids, minerals, and electrolytes. It can be used before, during or after a workout but can also be a healthy drink for everyday use. That is MY plan! I have been drinking lots of water, orange juice and milk but for a little different flavor and some added vitamens and minerals I will grab a Rehydrate.
--- I think that is all for now! Sorry my random update ended up being so long. I have lots to say lately. ;) I do plan on doing a weekly pregnancy post when I get to 10 weeks or so but as for now I will just put the info into my regular post.

Have a great weekend!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Big Sis

Thursday night we finally got to tell Hannah the big news! I was pretty nervous about telling her because I wasn't too positive as to how she was going to react.

I knew she was going to be happy because she has said several times that she wants a baby sister or brother. She is just so laid back like her Dad I was worried she would be like ok cool ... moving on ... and I really wanted her to be super excited like we were!

I gave her a present with a shirt in it that said "I'm A Big Sister" and a rainbow streamer.

She got the shirt out and started to read it. She stumbled a bit on "sister" but eventually read the whole thing. She looked up at Ryan and he said, "Do you know what that means?" and she said, "No!" He said, "Biggy and I are going to have a baby. She has a baby in her tummy right now!"

This was her reaction as soon as Ryan said the words. She said "Yaaaaaaay!!!!" and started jumping up and down and screaming and clapping her hands! It was the sweetest and cutest thing EVER! She was truly excited about the news. She said, "I always wanted a baby brother or sister!" ;)
We then went outside to play with her new streamer. She brought up the baby THREE more times throughout the night. First, she told me she wanted it to be a baby girl. She wanted to feed her a bottle, play dress up, and rock her to sleep. BUT she wanted daddy to change all the dirty diapers!!

When we went to get dinner she asked what names I liked. I told her I didn't have any picked out yet but I sure could use some ideas... She said, "Well, I like Jenna and Brinna." Very pretty I must say!
After dinner, we played some more outside and she was running around singing, "I'm gonna have a sister, I'm gonna have a sister." Hehe. I explained to her we didn't know if it was going to be a sister or brother yet..but that she was going to be a Big Sister!! I think she is a little confused on that.

Today was Hannah's track and field day at her school. We had such a blast and she did too! As soon as we arrived her teacher ran up to us to congratulate us on the big news....said Hannah was telling everyone at school. ;)

It makes me so happy to see how excited she is. I cannot wait for her to be a big, sweet sister because I know she is going to do SUCH a fantastic job. I am soooo thrilled that she is thrilled!


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Colored Guitar Strings

I ordered some colored guitar strings off of Ebay almost a month ago and I finally received some of them in the mail today!! Apparently, they were shipped from Hong Kong, which is why they took so long, and I honestly forgot all about them so it was a pleasant surprise. ;)

I ordered them to make more guitar string bracelets and earrings. I made a blue bracelet, green bracelet, and red/gold bracelet tonight. I posted them on my Etsy account as you can see to the right. I'm still waiting to make a sale on Etsy..I pray one day I will. I think my bracelets are cute so surely someone else out there does to!! I wear a silver, gold and bronze one everyday together and I think its a cute combo.

Ryan's favorite color is green (as was our wedding color) and these green strings are sooo bright and pretty! I secretly plan on making Ryan, me, Little Hannah, and Little Bun all matching green guitar string bracelets in about 8 months. Haha. Won't that be super cute!!!??? (FYI: I do make mens but they are thicker to make them look more manly.)

Anyway... here is some pictures of what I've have been working on...

I like how some are thick and some are thin. Paired together with gold or silver bracelets makes them look really cool. You could have on like 10 bracelets at a time -- some blue, green, and silvers and it would look super fab. IJS. ;)

Hey BayBay

Ryan and I are so ecstatic over all the support and love we have been shown since finding out we were going to be parents (again.) We feel very blessed and appreciate every word, thought, prayer, and smile we have received. Our family and friends truly seem happy and excited for us.

I talk about being pregnant and 'little bun' constantly. I think it gets on Ryan's nerves! Haha. I'm just soooo overwhelmed with so many feelings I don't know what to think! I asked him if I was annoying him with all the baby talk... he said no, not really. So sweet ('cause I can tell I am!)

I'm probably going to get on y'alls last nerve too but surely you will understand. I mean...when you first found out you were pregnant...with your first baby....weren't you freaking out too!??! ;) I'm going to try and NOT turn my blog in to 'All Things Baby' buuuut I can't promise anything! Hehe.

I did go to my doctor's office yesterday just to get a blood test ran. I am a little concerned with the doctor I chose. My regular doctor has stopped delivering babies so I had to change to someone else in her practice. They let me choose..and I just said the only other 'lady' doctor in the clinic because that is what I am more comfortable with. They said after a positive home pregnancy test she doesn't allow for blood pregnancy test. I was like ooook well I want one and I'm paying for it and I want to know my HCG levels soooo what's the problem?? She doesn't have to 'waste' her time seeing me...I just have to go to the lab and get my blood drawn. Maybe there is a good explanation for this?? I really didn't understand it myself??

Anyways, they told me to come in yesterday at noon and I got my blood drawn. I have a death defying fear of needles -- no clue why -- just do. Getting my blood drawn doesn't HURT it just makes me sick. I get queasy and dizzy and faint feeling. I faint sometimes but not yesterday! I was strong... ok, I laid out on the floor with my legs up and wet paper towels on my head... but I didn't faint!! (I'm in big trouble, I know!)

The lab lady told me I could leave when I felt better and never really told me anything else. I called about 5 hours later and was transferred to voicemail. Haven't heard anything today. I don't want to bother my doctor or nurse (who I've never met) but I do want to know my HCG levels!!! I'm an annoying patient, I know. I guess I could just wait until my first appointment on June 2nd to find all this information out but I.HAVE.NO.PATIENCE. Hahaha! Tough luck, right?!

On to the good news, you say?!? Well, Ryan, Little Bun, and I got a package in the mail today!! Sooo fun!! My big sister, Aunt Jessica, sent us a little gift.

Isn't that sooo sweet?!?! I just love it so much and CANNOT wait to find out if it is going to a boy or a girl. Haha

Happy Tuesday...hope your have a fab week!! ;)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Dets

Ryan and I are so happy to finally announce our amazing news! I can't stop saying...."OMG, I'm Pregnant!" We are so excited to travel down this road together and can't wait to get this show on the road.

We have been talking since we got married about growing our family. Hannah wants a sibling very badly...and I'm not getting any younger! (will turn 26 this summer.) We didn't want Hannah and her siblings to be too far apart but we did want our alone time as a married couple. We have only been married 7 1/2 months but have been together a little over 3 years.

We felt in our hearts the time was right so decided I would get of birth control. Well...I never saw Aunt Flo again! Fast....I know. We were VERY surprised. It is VERY rare, as far as I have heard, for someone to get pregnant the first month of trying! We were expecting 4-6 months but nooooo! ;)

I took a pregnancy test about 4 days before my period just to be silly. I have no patience and Ryan was laughing at me like NO WAY!! We NEVER expected anything considering we had literally been trying for 3 or 4 weeks. It was positive. I was like noooo way...this is wrong...I'll take another one in a few days. About one week later, which would have put me at 3 days after my missed period... I took another... and it said positive. I was like...ooooookay. This past Thursday... about 5 days later... still no Aunt Flo... I woke up again thinking... 'I gotta ck this out one last time to make sure'... and once again... it was positive... I was STILL pregnant! ;)
We immediatly started telling our parents and siblings and grandparents after 3 positive test and being over 1 week late... the news started traveling fast through aunts, uncles, and cousins. We wanted the WHOLE family to know before posting it in on the internet or telling our friends. We did choose a few individual friends to share this with before posting.

We wanted to wait until Mother's Day to share our news with our moms but there was NO way I was waiting! Both our moms were soooo excited and very surprised!!

I have a doctors appointment tomorrow with my OBGYN... I think she just wants to do a blood test to double check pregnancy and HCG (I think?) levels.... no ultrasound until June 2nd I believe. We think we are 5 weeks along but I honestly do not know. I am so new at this I really don't know what is going on!

My stomach has been cramping... I get so tired super quickly... and I use the restroom A LOT... I think that is my only symptoms at this point. I just know I am thrilled and could care less what goes on with my body... I just want a happy, healthy, amazing lil' baby!! And...I will say I am leaning more towards a boy... only because Ryan already has a little girl... BUT I will be insanly thrilled with whatever the Good Lord blesses us with.

Since today was Mother's Day... it was kind of my first.... although I'm barely pregnant it still felt nice thinking about next year. Sweet Hannah, OF COURSE, makes me feel like a mom everyday so it isn't MUCH of a new experience but it still feels good. Hannah does not know yet... we have a sweet plan to tell her so I'm excited for that time to come.

"Little Bun" is what Ryan and I have decided to use as our nickname for now. Since it's our "little bun in the oven!" Little Bun already received a gift! My MIL bought this....

.. which I love! I can already tell Little Bun is going to be spooooiled by his/her amazing grandparents, and great grandparents, and aunts and uncles, and so forth and so on... oh and PARENTS! ;)

I did want this book pretty much as soon as I found out I was expecting...

My sweet hubs got it for me today for Mother's Day! I have already started reading it and am excited to learn lots and lots.

I can say I am pretty nervous at this point -- I don't know what to do, expect, think, feel -- I'm just trying to soak it up and be super happy for now!! ;)

Please, pretty please, tell me what worked for you...what you wish you knew when you were in my shoes...what you HAD to have...ANYTHING... I need all the advice I can get. ;)

If your still with me after this long post...THANK YOU! I just want to make sure I document every detail so I can look back in the future.. you bloggers know how it is! ;)


Not only... I a step-mom.

But I am a mom-to-be TOO!

That's right....



To Our Mothers....

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Ryan and I have the best mothers that a kid could ask for! They are so amazing to us and quit frankly -- they spoil us! They have taught us many things over the years and still continue to do so with every passing day. They love us very much and would do anything we asked of them (which is alot sometimes!) We cherish our mothers very much and could not imagine the people we would be today if we didn't have them to raise us.

My mom --Tammy. (or Grammy Tammy per Hannah)

Happy Mother's Day Mom! We love you very much!

Ryan's mom -- Carol. (or Nana per Hannah)

Happy Mother's Day MIL! We love you very much!