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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What I Am Looooving!

Heyyyy yo! Today is "What I'm Loving Wednesday" over at Jamie's blog: "this kind of love." Link up and tell us what you're loving on this gorgeous Wednesday!

I am loving...this awesome picture of Hannah I found on my camera!! She OBVIOUSLY got a hold of the camera and took some self portraits!! HaHa

I am loving...that my sweet chiuaua, Spike, feels the need to "lay" like this! Every sing night he gets on the couch either beside me or Ryan and will fall asleep in this exact position!! Silly.

I am loving...these storm clouds! They move sooo fast and look so neat-o. Mind you, I DO NOT love the destruction they may cause but I do love how it looks BEFORE the storms come in!

I am loving... My 24 Followers!! You guys are sooo awesome and I love getting comments from you all!!

I am loving... DVR. Is that weird that I love DVR?!? I wouldn't be able to EVER leave my house if I didn't have it!! What did I do before I got it?!?

I am loving... My Two Best Friends in the Whole Entire World!
Hope everyone has a GREAT rest of the week!

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