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Monday, April 11, 2011

Tim McGraw Concert

Hey! I made it back home safe and sound...and booooy did I have fun! I would like to start my post by thanking my sweet sister, Jessica, for taking me as her guest! I could not possibly ask for a better, prettier, sweeter sister. (except I have TWO amazing I'm not leaving you out Kaite!!) I am SO happy we got to do this together. Concerts are kind of our thing, so I hope to go to MANY more with her! ;) This is the ONLY picture we took together (if you can believe it) and I don't actually like it... but it'll do! We started the day by shopping and getting all dolled up for our big night. My sister got these amazing boots!
And she dressed me up in this sweet lil number... (I need a T A N!)
We then headed to the CenturyTel Center and meet with some awesome DJ's and some of Tim McGraw's peeps. ;) They took us up stairs to a private room to wait for Tim McGraw to come meet us. We sat in a room for about 20 minutes just waiting for our sexy man to come in! There was about 8 people in there... 3 DJ's.. their guest.. and then me and Jessica.... TALK.ABOUT.NERVOUS. O M G.

Tim McGraw came in and introduced himself and meet all of us...we chit chatted for a bit and then go busy with the cameras!

This is me and Tim:

My sister and Tim:
My sister got to be "DJ For A Day" for KISS Country 93.7, which meant she got to ask Tim 5 questions. It was super cool and we got it on video so I will be uploading that soon! (The radio station gave Jess a flip video camera to carry with us all night and then to keep!)

My sister interviewing Tim:

Then we got to get our back stage passes signed:
After we did our "private meet and greet" we went to a private acoustic set by him and his band. We got to be in the front row...ammmmazing!

Then the wonderful concert began!! We were ON TOP of the stage to say the least ....literally we were touching the stage, we touched his hand and foot and it was just totally TEENY BOOPER style. ;)

I think I have about 90 pictures from that night but I will spare you...I'm sure your bored to death by now.

I know Tim will NEVER remember me..but it made my night and I thought it was suuuuper cool! I will always remember it..thats for sure. ;)


Jenni said...

So excited for you! Was Faith there?

Mrs. C said...

Love your outfit!