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Monday, April 4, 2011

Odds and Ends

Hey Hey Hey! It's Monday! ;)

No..I'm not that excited in real life but I can sound that way with some explanations points on the computer. (See that dirty little trick I just pulled.) I feel like my blog is always random stuff..but I gotta keep my online journal updated..right?!

***First off, I woke up this morning to some S E V E R E weather. It was kind of scary! I like storms but this one was wild. It was pitch black at 8 a.m., wind was ablowing, rain was afalling, and golf ball sized hail and tornados were in the forecast. Now, I like a little rain every now and then but this was just a little much for my taste! If I was laying in bed...different story..but I was driving to work and I didn't like it.

***Second, I am s.o.r.e. I have started playing volleyball (it's my new thing) and boy is it kicking my britches. I haven't played in about 4 years but I think I'm pretty good! I stunk in high school and 4 years ago but this year I feel like I'm on top of my game! ;) I have only played twice so far but plan on playing ATLEAST once per week for this summer. My arms, wrist, legs, back, abs, and God only knows what else are KILLLLLING me this morning. I feel like I was ran over by a train. We played for about 4 hours yesterday so I think I may know why I can barely walk today. It excites me though..I have never been much of an athletic, get off the couch, type of person so I'm actually really enjoying myself!

***Third, April 1st (3 days ago) was my 1 month anniversary for no soda pops or tea!! I have NEVER in my life been 1 month without a Dr. Pepper or a Sweet Ice Tea....excuse me...I have NEVER in my life been 1 DAY without a Dr. Pepper or a Sweet Ice Tea (no joke), so this is a serious accomplishment people! I am so proud! All I have had is water and spark...oh and one glass of 2% milk somewhere in that one month range. Not too shabby for a Dr. Pepper, Sweet Tea, Caffeine LOVER. FYI: Spark does have caffeine in it...but it's WAY healthier and has no sugar. ;) Plus, when we got out to eat it's saving me money, and I feel SO good.

***Fourth, I have lost 10 pounds!! Whhhhat. Yes, I am aware it has taken me a month to loss this but I have also lost 8.5 inches... so, thats good, right?!?! And since I have been working out lots maybe I'm gaining muscle too. I'm happy! oh and I cheat. I'm not gonna lie. I had a Sonic burger and fries last night...yup. BUT, I am still staying VERY active and NOT eating like that but MAYBE twice a week...compared to everyday like I was and NO working out. So, I'm still proud of that 10 pounds although I have many more to go. (30 something to be exact.)

***Fifth...remember me telling you in the second category that my wrist and arms hurt...yeeeah this typing didn't help. I must go now.

Have a great week guys!!!! Love you all!!! ;)

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Tiffany said...

Congrats on the 10 pounds!! Any step towards your goal is exciting! Seriously.. Let me know when you go play volleyball! I have had an itch to go play latley!!! :)