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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Movie Mania

As you may be aware Ryan and I absolutly love watching movies. We watch atleast 2 or 3 a week.

We just figured out this past week how to get our Netflix through our Wii and we have now watched like 5 movies in the past 3 days! HaHa.

Watching movies at home is cheap entertainment that we get to enjoy together so I think that's why we like it so much.

We watch pretty much anything and sometimes get some good ones and other times... notsomuch. I feel like I can only catch a REALLY good movie every 10 movies or so. I also like chick flicks and dumb comedies so that may be why I never fine ones I just LOVE and have to watch over and over.

Yesterday, I watched "The Joneses"....It's about a "fake" family that gets paid to promote and sale products. It was pretty funny and entertaining but not as good as I had expected. I probably wouldn't buy it or watch it again.

The other night we watched "Cyrus" with one of our couple friends. It was very, very odd. I think everyone pretty much liked it but I found it kind of creepy. I though it was supposed to be this super funny flick but it was sort of dark in my opinion. It definitly had some funny parts but I probably won't be watching it again.

Tonight, we watched "Hot Tub Time Machine" and it was suuuuper funny! I really liked this movie and would definitly sit through it again. It was one of those "there's no possible way" movies but turned out very well! The ending made me super happy. ;)

A few days ago I watched "Eat Pray Love". It was ok but kind of long. An hour and thirty minute movies is about my two hours and twenty minutes was just TOO much for me. I would love to read the book though. It had a great story behind it but was dragged out.

The other night we were scanning through the old cartoons and came across "Rocko's Modern Life". I totally loved that cartoon when I was younger but now feel like it's pretty dumb! It's super strange but we watched a few episodes. Definilty not something we would let Hannah watch.
Hannah watched "The Ant Bully" today. She has seen it before but wanted to again. It was pretty cute I thought. I think she really likes how she can scan through a bunch of movies and pick out whatever she wants!

We still choose to get the DVD's in the mail with our Netflix as well as on the Wii. On the Wii you can only get certain movies that are usually older or not so popular. We still like watching them but all the new releases have to come through the mail.

We have some really good ones coming up that I can't wait to see! The Fighter, Burlesque, 127 hours, The King's Speech, etc. I think we have about 120 movies waiting for us to watch. HaHa

That might just take us a whole year! ;)

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Courtney L said...

I love the Netflix through Wii! I'm like you and wish they had newer stuff on there but I love that my kids get to watch the old cartoons that were on when I was little.

Agreed about Hot Tub Time Machine! Super funny!