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Friday, April 15, 2011

It tis..It tis


People..I love the weekends. I don't even know hubs has to work all day Saturday -- 8 to 5 (boo) -- but there is just something about saying "it tis the weekend!" that excites me. odd.

Anyway...I truly think I should rename my blog to R A N D O M 'cause that's what most my posts are about now-a-days... but whateve! Right?! ;)

So...let us begin.

I sent my engagement ring and wedding ring off yesterday to be saturd (is that how you spell that?) together...totally depressed. I feel so lonely without it. I went 23 years without wearing a ring on my ring finger...2 years with it...and now I feel naked! weird. I totally miss it and won't have it back for 2 weeks! Eeeek.

Isn't she a beaut?

Yesterday, I finally got some of the O P I Shatter nail polish that I have been looking ALL over town for since I first saw the commercial on T V. I was dying to have I'm not so impressed. When my hair dresser had it on it looked AWESOME..I think it's ugly on my though! Maybe not but I'm kinda dissapointed. :(

Does anyone else have this stuff?? I got the one on the far right..kinda pink glittery. It's weird because you can make the black really thick or really thin..I did thick and feel like I just have black nails that need to be re-painted 'cause their chipping off! I'm gonna re-do them today with less black and see how that works.

Oh...yesterday (dang I had a big day yesterday and didn't even realize it 'til now!) I fit into a pair of jeans I haven't worn in OVER a year...maybe TWO! Insssane. It has been 1 1/2 months since I started my lil weight loss journey (as I'm sure you know and are tired of by now!) and I've already lost 11 pounds...about 10 inches...and am down 2 pants sizes. I probably could have done a lot better BUT I've had some pizza and burgers (oops!). I'm still thrilled! ;)

Here is how I did it:

Saturday night, we are having a couples night with about 4 or 5 other couples and I am so pumped! This is our first time to have a "couples" night...I'm sure Ryan is thrilled! Haha. We are going to a friends house that I work with and we are going to eat and play games and just hang out! I need to bring some good treats for everyone to snack one -- any suggestions?!?!

Hope you guys have a fab weekend...I'm planning on getting some sun at some point...even if it's in my own back yard! ;)

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WhitBoff said...

1.) Being without my ring for 2 weeks um no....I was without for like 5 days when we got it resized and I was a disaster. I kept wanting to go buy a fake cheap one at Penny's or something just so I wouldn't feel naked!

2.) THE NAIL POLISH LOOKS AWESOME! I need to see a pic of your nails, because while I'm stuck on my butt.....painting my nails seems fun. ( I can't reach my toes! I had to get my Mom to paint them the last time I saw her!)

3.)HOLY MOLY! 11 lbs, 10", AND 2 pant sizes?!?! SHUT UP!!!!! I firmly believe in having a "freebie" you don't feel deprived & you look forward to "working your butt off" quite literally up until that day. GO GIRL GO!!! So proud of you!