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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hanna's Made Up Pasta

I made up a little recipe tonight that I thought I would share. It was yummm-o and my husband FEEL.IN.LOVE. He told me it was the best meal we have ever had. Now, I don't know about allllll that!! But..I'll take it. ;) I just threw some stuff together that I had at the house.

It was ridiculously easy with just 4 ingredients!

Spinach: I got the frozen spinach in the steamable microwave bag. Took like 6 minutes to heat up!

Philadelphia Cooking Creme: I used the Savory Garlic but I'm sure you could use any kind.
Grilled Chicken Breast: I used the frozen strips that you heat up in the microwave in like 4 minutes! I just cut them into smaller pieces.
Rotini: I used whole wheat.
I cooked the spinach, chicken, and pasta seperate...took a large skillet...through them all in...added all the cooking creme and heated it up! THAT.IS.IT. and it was sooo good. Oh, I did add some pepper!

I then baked some whole wheat rolls and made some sweet tea and we were set!

Seriously, y'all, for a fast, quick, yummy meal...this is perrrfect! ;) And you can just call it: "Hanna's Made Up Pasta" Thhhhanks!

(I am well aware some one else has probably made this..but I didn't use a dang recipe so...I made it up!)


WhitBoff said...

yumm.....We love pasta in our house. Thinks sounds yummy!

Tiffany said...

I have used that cooking creme and its just awesome!! Sounds delish!