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Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Dress Up Recap

I'm kinda sorta combining three post into one. It really should be Easter, Dress Up, and then Weekend Recap. But I'm saving everyone involved some time! So, it's gonna be one big ol' post!

We had Hannah for Easter (this past weekend) which was AWWWESOME and we did LOTS AND LOTS of fun things! We always try to stay busy when she is here and do stuff that she really enjoys.

Friday night we went to a friends house for a cook out. There was probably 7 or 8 other kids there and she had A BLAST!! Adults did to. ;)

Saturday we woke up early and went to an Easter egg hunt at one of my co-workers dad's house. It felt so amazing outside and we had some pretty dang yummy fried fish, if I can say so myself! Hannah got to die eggs and then hunt them down!

This pic is pretty blurry - but still so cute...

She was gettin' it!

So pretty!

Me and Han at the party. Dad didn't get to join because he has to work EVERY saturday...dumb job.

Being my lil' model...

Please excuse all the pics...I'm a picture freak! Haha. And who can't help but take and look at pics of this sweet baby girl?!?!

After the party we went home to nap then went out to Park Place for Ryan's Grandpa's 83rd birthday party. It was a hit for sure!

Sunday, we pretty much relaxed; hunted eggs, died eggs, played, and slept.

We all three played dress up with Hannah's Tinkerbell dress up kit.

Obviously, her dress up clothes don't fit Ryan and I so we improvise!

I was the blue princess: the shirt is on my head and the skirt in on my neck! HaHa

Ryan is the best dad in the world...he is ALWAYS down to play whatever wants and does such a good job!! He can get down on some barbies, dress up, make up, nail polish, etc.

He was Tinkerbell: Shirt around face and skirt around leg! ;)

Hannah was the sweet pink princess!

She made us stand in line..holding a Ty Beanie Baby of our choose...and we had to perform a dance and sing. ;)

I spared myself and my husband the embarrasment of posting our dancing pictures!!

All in was a FAB weekend! I hope you guys had a fun Easter too! ;)

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Pam said...

Awe, such fun times! Ryan reminds me of how good David has always been making "quality-time" with you girls!! You guys are such a cute family!! And Miss Hannah is adorable with her Easter basket.