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Monday, March 21, 2011

Weight Loss Update

....which I am so sure you are thrilled about. ;)

The past ten days haven't been so great. I have slacked off a bit but am trying to get back on track this week!

I still haven't had a single soda or sweet tea or anything of that sort since March 1. My hubby hid my scales because I weighed myself about 10 times a day and was getting discouraged so I haven't weighed myself since last Wednesday. He said I get it back this Wednesday so I hoping for atleast a few pounds lost although I wasn't very good this past week.

I did get a veeery exciting gift today that I am hoping will help me tremendously! I finally got a treadmill! Yaaaay. ;) I have been begging Ryan for one for like EVER and I finally got me a lil' cheap one from Walmart. It has 6 pre-set workout programs and can go super fast...I found out the hard way.

I did the second pre-set program for weight loss and must say I did not do too well! Haha. I had to lower the speed a few times but I DID make it the full 30 minutes. I think I only went like 1.5 miles and burned 150 calories in that time but I am still proud of myself! It was my first time for goodness sakes! Surely I will get better because I definitly plan on working out on that pretty thing EVERYDAY!!

Besides my workout program and eating better, I am still on the amazing Advocare. I sure do love this stuff!

I am done with my 24-day challenege but will still stay on the products for LIFE! Yes, they are that wonderful to me. They make me feel like a brand new person everyday. I have a different regimen now that I am very happy with and am hoping for AWESOME results!!

I start my day with Spark...the best energy drink ever invited. Oh, and grape is by far the best flavor! Yummmm-o.

and some Catalyst. Catalyst "helps maintain muscle mass during exercise and weight management, helps repair and protect muscle tissue, and aids in preserving muscle and energy levels during times of calorie restriction."

30 minutes later I have a meal replacement shake for breakfast. It has, "24 grams of protein, 5-6 grams of fiber, 26 vitamins and minerals and only 220 calories and contains 50% of the daily value of calcium." And the chocolate flavor is sooo good and helps out on my sweet tooth!

45 minutes before lunch I take some LeptiLean. It is a new product that I am trying for appetite control. So far, so GREAT! The first day I tried it...I had a yummy, healthy sandwich and could only get half of it down! Of course, I eat 6 small meals a day so it's no problem to only eat half a sandwich at a time.

I am very pleased about the results I am getting. I can definilty tell that I am losing inches and feeling GREAT. I am becoming more toned and healthy too.

This is my website if you want to look into the products more or order some for yourself..I promise you won't be disappointed! ;)

I will update again next week and let you know how I am doing! Having a great week and enjoy this AMAZING weather we are having!

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