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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday

My top ten for this Tuesday is: Decorations around my house!! These are my top ten decorations that I have... of course, it was SO hard to pick out just ten.. I totally should have done a top twenty but I did the best I could. And these are in no particular order... Also, yes I have gray walls throughout MOST of my house..not all. I picked the color out and LOVE it..Ryan not so much. Oh, and excuse my poor quality pictures. My camera SUCKS. 1. Keep Calm and Carry On. I got this beauty at Kirklands for like $20 on sale! I loooove it so much. It has a rough texture with a beautiful frame. It goes fabulous in our "funky" living room. We have a "funky" (beatles artwork, marilyn monroe artwork, couch, book shelf, stereo, etc.) living room and a "formal" (tv, coffee table, couches, dvds, etc.) living room. 2. My favorite piece of "artwork" that we own...Our Eyes. This is from our engagement pictures -- I got it printed onto a canvas and then Ryan built a frame for it and glued the canvas on. It is AWESOME! I am so in love with it. ;) I would say the dimensions are about 16" by 28" or something of that sort. 3. This is my "china" (haha). I don't have very many pieces just yet but am in the process of collecting a 6 piece set. They have pasleys on them with green and brown and blue and tan. Sooooo gorgeous. I registered for them at Bed, Bath, & Beyond for my wedding. 4. These are some lanterns from my wedding. I have most of them in a box in the closet but I did decorate with some around my house. I absolutly love these and spent tons of money buying about 30 of them for the wedding so I am proud to display them around my house!! Plus I think they are super cool.
5. This is one of my crosses that I have. I have about 4 or 5 hanging up but I think this is my favorite one. This was given to me by my step-mom and dad for my birthday and I think it really rocks!! If I'm not mistaken, I believe a youth group or something of the sort where making them to raise money to go on a trip. (I think)
6. Sand from the wedding. Ahhhh how I love this. This part of the wedding was BY FAR by absolute FAVORITE. Ryan, Hannah, and I all poured a color of sand into this vase to show our families joining together. I was SO happy that Hannah did a color of her own with us. It wasn't just Ryan and I getting involved Hannah too. This peacock eye at the top is from our wedding so I dropped it in there so we would have it forever! I cannot wait to get a mantel to display this holds my heart.
7. This is a memory stone created by Ryan, Hannah, and I. We sat down on Sunday afternoon and made this together. We had so much fun and it turned out GREAT! It is now displayed on top of our book shelf. Hannah put her hand print on there and we helped her paint some of it. She was sooo proud of herself. ;)
8. This was given to me at a wedding shower by Ryan's Aunt Susan and Cousin Lindsey. I think it is super neat and will have it in my house for FOREVER!
9. This is also from our wedding. It was my big sister, Jessica's idea. It is a corkboard framed in black. My mom put a piece of fabric over the corkboard and I attached some engagement pics of Ryan and I. At the wedding, people would write little words of encourgement or advice for Ryan and I and then stick it on the board. We have some very sweet and funny things on there and I love reading them from time to time. It is now hanging in our "formal" living room.
10. This baby was a Christmas present given to Ryan and I by my Meme. I absolutly adore it! It is an angel over looking a couple. The base says "Ryan and Hanna September 25, 2010." Our wedding day of course!! Soooo beautiful. It is on a shelf in our "formal" living area as well.
That is my top ten!! Going back through them..I realize most are from my wedding or mean something to me. That makes me very happy.

What are your favorite decorations in your house???

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Anonymous said...

That vase your sand is in is beautiful!! lol... too bad we can't see what's engraved on it!! :-)