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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday

Hey guys! Today I thought I would do my Top Ten Tuesday on my Top Ten Favorite Snacks! Since I started on my little weight loss adventure I have been trying to eat better and I have found quiet a few snacks that I really enjoy. Of course, they aren't all SUPER healthy or perfect for you but they are MUCH better then what I am used to snacking on.

1. Green Apple: I never had much for apples growing up but lately have been all about these juicy, yummy little treats. "An apple a day, keeps the doctor away!" ;)
2. Cantaloupes: My mom and I have always snacked on cantaloupe..even when I was a kid. I perfer them with salt on top -- but lately have been eating them when nothing on top and love them just as much! So juicy and good.

3. Natural Peanut Butter on No Salt Rice Cake: For the first time EVER, I had one of these babies a few weeks back and Ryan and I have both been addicted since. Really, really yummy and such a good snack for kiddos too!

4. Whole Wheat Toast: Sometimes, this can be kind of bland..but for a quick on-the-go snack..just pop it in toaster (no butter!) and eat! Of course, it's hard to find the best whole wheat high fructose corn syrup and no added artificial perservatives, color, or flavor.

5. The Laughing Cow Cheese: This is one of those snacks that probably isn't GREAT for you but it's a small portion and very yummy. I like the Garlic & Herb flavor the best on whole wheat crackers.

6. Nutella: Yet again, not the BEST snack for you, but better than a Snickers! It will definilty give you your chocolate fix for the day on a rice cake or wheat toast!

7. Green Olives: Oh how I love thee. These are easy to grab and chomp on (eating some now!)..just have to be careful with the sodium intake.

8. Boiled Eggs: These little suckers are so good! I used to eat them covered in salt but now eat them plain and still love them just as much. If you take the yolk out you save about 55 calories per the yolk can cause high cholesterol. Sometimes I eat them with or without the yolk..just depending on my mood. I boil about a dozen at a time so I can just grab one out of the fridge whenever I want and don't have to wait to cook it!

9. Strawberries: Here is another juicy fruit I cannot get enough of! Once again, I use to snack on these babies but with lots of SUGAR!! Now I eat them plain and still love them just as much!
10. Celery w/ Cream Cheese: Probably one of the worst snacks on this list but DANG it is good. I have an obsession with all things I add some celery in there (negative calorie) to make myself feel better about eating them! ;)

Do you have any favorite, healthy snacks you want to share?! Let us know in the comments so we can all get healthy together! ;)

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capperson said...

All of your snacks sound yummy. I love most all of them except for the olives and I have been watching to try peanut butter on rice cakes because everybody says it's so good. I will definately try that soon!