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Monday, March 7, 2011

Too sweet

The sweetest thing happened yesterday and I wanted to share.

This part isn't the sweet part: Yesterday after the Mardi Gras parade Ryan, Hannah, and I were walking to the car to head back home. My sister has a huge hill in her front yard that SLIPPERY leaves were covering. Ryan helped Hannah down and I helped myself to busting my buttox. I scraped my hand and twisted my ankle and embarrased myself to no end. (I wasn't hurt, don't worry!)

This part is the sweet part: As I was laying on the ground, Hannah RUNS over to check on me. She has the most concerned look on her face. She says, "Oooooh no. Biggy are you ok??? Let me see." I show her my hand and tell her it's ok. She "helps" me off the ground saying, "Oh no! It's ok! Just lean on me...there ya go...just lean on me. Just walk it off, just walk it off." She puts her arm around my waist and I put my arm around her shoulders as she assists me to the car. (I played it up for her benefit..I was limping and acting like I really needed her to take me to the car!) She helps me into the car and says, "It's ok Big Hanna. Just rest and relax..close your eyes...your gonna feel better soon." She says this is the sweetest, gentlest, mommy voice I have ever heard! I was almost in tears from what a sweetheart she was being! She then shuts my door (Ryan and I were smiling and winking at each other) and she gets in the back and says, "As soon as we get home, we will put a band-aid on your hand and everything will be ok. You just need to close your eyes and rest for a little bit." She then handed me a jacket and a stuffed animal and told me to take a nap..that it would help. ;)

Could she be any cuter! She has such a sweet, sweet soul and I just love her so much. She was REALLY concerned about me and was talking so soft and soothing...just trying to comfort me. And she did a great job! I felt much better thanks to her. It's amazing what kids pick up and how much they understand. She is 5 years old...but acted like the best mommy! She picked me smooth up off the ground...told me to lean on her...helped me to the car and in my seat. I was almost in tears thinking about what a super sweet little girl she was. Times like this just make my heart melt. I kept telling her..thank you...and saying yes ma'am...she felt really important and I enjoyed every minute of it!

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