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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Mardi Gras!

Today we went to Shreveport to see a Mardi Gras parade. It was Hannah's first one and we had a blast! My big sister, Jessica, lives down in Shreveport so we also got to go eat lunch with her and her friend. My little sister, Kaite, and stepmom, Pam also met us down there. We definitly enjoyed it and will be back next year! (It was a family friendly parade fyi -- no...exposing...was allowed!)

Here we are headed to Shreveport -- Hannah had to bring her new horse, Circus!

This is my little sister Kaite with Hannah. They were having a blast waiting for the parade to come our way!

Hubby and Hannah hanging out. It was SUCH a gorgeous day so we didn't mind chilling outside for a bit.

This is Kaite and Jessica walking to the parade...I thought it was a cool pic!

Here my sweet little family is. I love these two sooo much.

Hannah got some cotton candy!! Can you say sticky fingers?!?

Here is Hannah with maybe half her beads. We had to take them off at one point because they got too heavy! She got probably 150 joke! She was racking up to say the least. She also got 4 stuffed animals, coins, candy, 10 or so plastic cups, playdo, a koozie....and no telling what else.

Here is me and hubs on our way back home. (We secretly love taking self portraits in the car.)

Very successful, fun day to say the least!!

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