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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Day 5 Update

Happy Saturday!

Just wanted to update you guys on my weight loss journey. It is going AMAZINGLY well -- I never expected the results I am getting even though TONS of people were telling me to!

I am not even kidding when I say Advocare is the best thing to ever happen to me besides my husband and step-daughter. Of course this is only my 5th day but you can already tell what a difference it is making in my life. I have insane energy and am losing weight by using vitamins, minerals, nutrients, exercise, and healthy food. Not by using diet pills or starving myself, etc....but by being healthy and feeling amazing!!! That just excites me to no end. I will be on Advocare for the rest of my life... because it isnt only weight loss, its for wellness and performance and a healthy lifestyle.

I have lost 7.5 lbs in the past 4 days. I am taking a fiber drink and herbal cleansing pills, I am drinking TONS of water, I have exercised everyday since I began, I am drinking SPARK (a super healthy energy drink), I am eating ridiculously healthy food up to 5 times a day, and I am drinking a meal replacement shake for breakfast. The challenge I am currently on is for 24 days and I would love to loss atleast 30 lbs! That is a hard and crazy goal but I am pushing very much so and really, really want this. After the 24 days I will still stay on weight loss products from Adcovare until I get to my goal weight then I will use their other products for life, OF COURSE!

I cannot wait for another week to pass to see how far I have come. And I cannot wait for this summer (I haven't said that in 5 years) !!! Hopefully, I will be able to wear bathing suits and shorts...something I haven't done in a very long time!

Oh and before and after pics will be shown!

Thanks for listening - I will update again in a few days! ;)

Click here to see my Advocare website!!!

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