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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Coffee Mugs

So, I super duper love coffee mugs. I have no idea why...I just do. Odd. Anyways, I thought I would show you guys my collection...I guess I would say I am a coffee mug collector. Super exciting---I know! I just started aquiring them before Christmas this past year. Some hang on my wall in the dining room, some are in a glass cabinet in my kitchen. I figured I would share them since no one really comes over and gets to see them!

This one is from my dish seat we got for our wedding. Not necessarily part of the collection but SUPER FAB!

My dad bought me this one for Christmas....LOVE IT. "Life is Fragile; Handle with Prayer."
My dad also got me this cute lil' couple snowman set. (It came in a box with stuff to make s'mores...yummmm!)

This one came from my MIL from Pier 1. Too adorable.

This one also came from my MIL from Bed, Bath & Beyond. It's converse shoes!!! Love it. (Side note: all the boys and flower girls in my wedding wore converse.)

This one came from my MeMe. I adore Marilyn Monroe!

The next two came from my MIL for Valentine's Day this year. Zebra Love and Cupcakes! Score!

The next three all came from my MIL for Christmas...they are my ABSOLUTE favorite from my collection. I am obsessed with cute is this?!?
My dad absolutly loooves pink flamingos (more or less to get on my step-moms nerves) but it has rubbed off on I love this one too!
As everyone must know by now, I am in looooove with peacocks. Is this mug not wonderful?!?!

Well, that is all! I hope to get tons more... I really want a penguin mug, one with polka dots, and some vintage ones (maybe I could find some at a garage sale?!?)
Sorry if I bored you...I think it's kinda cool myself. ;)

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capperson said...

Oh my goodness, I have finally found someone who loves coffee mugs as much as I do!! I love all of those!!!