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Saturday, February 12, 2011


Ryan and I had a tiny lil scare in our house...for the third time. Some people may say we live in the "ghetto" (for lack of a better word). I wouldnt say it is the nicest neighborhood..but I love my house and my neighbors really aren't that bad. I mean, Peaches, Southside, and Oil are like SUPER cool! ;) (Those are not made up names, they really are my neighbors.)

Anyway! When we first moved in back in November we were sitting on the couch watching a movie and may or may not have heard some gun shots. No cops ever showed so maybe it was our imagination or someone got shot and was sunk in a river. Im just saying.

Moving on to scare #2. We are in bed, sound asleep and POP POP. Gun shots...right by our window. Woke both dogs, me and Ryan up with a JOLT! So we knew it was real. We were like ooooooh crap. So Ryan jumps up, checks out the scene, nobody to be found, no sirens coming our way. These people are sneaky.

Scare #3 was last night. Im sleeping and all of the sudden:

Ryan: "Hanna, wake up! I heard something."

Me: "What?? Wait..what??"

R: (Grabs GUN, takes off threw house.)

Me: "Wha-wha-what did you hear??"

R: nothing

Me: "Hello??? What the heck (sensored) ??"

R: (Comes back to room, casually holding pistol in boxers.) "I went to turn the heater up and something crashed in the extra bedroom. I thought someone was breaking in. I checked every room and couldnt find anything. Sleep tight."

Me: "Seriously?? O M G. O M G. I am getting robbed!"

R: "I didn't find anything. Goodnight."

Ok...does he really expect me to go to sleep at this point?? I continue to ask him like 100 questions he continues to huff and puff like I am bothering him!! Oh no buddy -- you woke ME up with this crap!

We both ended up falling back to sleep...everything is still intact at my house so I guess they didn't find anything they wanted!

Here is to sleeping with one eye open!


WhitBoff said... thank you!! We live out in the boonies (a little town about 25 miles north of Austin) and one night I heard a loud "BOOM BOOM BOOM" on my front door. Like someone was trying to break the door down. The dog is going nuts. I wake up the hubby, to which he casually proceeds to the kitchen to grab a carving knife. ???????? You better believe a week later....I had myself a security system! :) I never thought about getting one, but living out in BFE (for lack of a better word) and being by myself a lot of the time while Tom is at way! I'm still wanting to get a gun! AGH! Now I've got the hee bee jee bees, and of course my hubby is at work tonight! Stay safe lady!!

Darla said...

I have a neighbor named Peaches too.